The Mom Files: Garnish Academy Comes Home ????✏️

April 10, 2020

Let’s be real…nobody really saw this coming.

Mom Files: Home School

Even if you were keeping an eye on the coronavirus, you probably did not foresee that you were about to become a full-time homeschool mom in the foreseeable future. Just like everybody else, I was up for the challenge, but it is definitely a challenge.

I was never homeschooled, and I have never been a homeschool mom so I had zero reference for all of this. Getting into the mindset of homeschooling your children out of nowhere is kind of a big thing to take on, especially considering schools may not even be opening back up this school year.

Mom Files: Home School

I’m used to training and teaching inside of hair and extensions both nationally and inside my studio, but when you ask me to train my 5 and 6 year olds? I immediately tense up. Their attention span is… well, what’s an attention span? Thank God my son was tracked out when this went into effect because it gave me a little time to prep and practice.

The teachers sent home an itemized list of things we would need and their curriculum for the rest of the year and gave us some guidance via email. From there, I’ve been setting up and starting little lessons to get us all in the groove. Houston is in preschool still, so thankfully doesn’t require quite so much structured teaching, but she has been having Zoom calls with her class for fun.

Mom Files: Homeschool

Kingston is in kindergarten so it’s not like I’m teaching calculus, but even just sitting down to teach the letters of the alphabet and going through his mood and keeping his attention on track is just like… holy shit. So this is really just part one.. the figuring it all out phase.

I’ll let you know how everything goes once we’ve been doing this a little longer. My fear right now is that I’m somehow going to f this up but I just have to remind myself that this is kindergarten, this is my son, and if I don’t get everything “right” it’s okay. As long as we are learning lessons through play and outside and as long as I’m putting my best effort forward, I’m sure everything will be okay.

Maybe we can start a support group for moms for each grade level.

Can there be wine? Can I be kicked out for drinking wine on the job?

Signed, Scared

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