Monetizing Your Superpower

March 20, 2020

This Sunday launches the next Garnish Your Growth episode and this week Niko and I are talking about superpowers and how to monetize them. Are you wondering what the heck a real life superpower is? Your superpower is something that you do that you’re naturally (or trained to be) really good at.

NBR Hair Extensions - Monetize Your Super Power

It’s something people compliment you on. It’s effortless for you. My superpower is definitely my drive. I don’t even have to try to work as hard as I do. I do work really hard and put energy into my work, but the level of drive that I have is unnatural. For a lot of reasons, that’s a really great superpower to have. It’s gotten me to where I am today. It’s also created a bit of chaos in my life when it comes to working with other people and both balancing and organizing said drive.

We also explore Niko’s superpower in this episode.

When we first discussed it, I told her I thought her superpowers are resilience and the ability to walk through every open door. Her initial response was to think it was a “lame” superpower, but that ability is not something a lot of people have. If you’re around the right people, being in tune with your intuition and trusting the process can be such an incredible superpower. Niko has the ability to just give in to the destiny of it all.

I talked to Niko’s dad and he said the same was true of her when she was small. She’s always had that openness about her.

NBR Hair Extensions - Monetize Your Super Power

NBR Hair Extensions - Monetize Your Super Power

So why are we talking about superpowers anyway? Well, if you can find a way to monetize your superpower, it can change your life. If you can take what comes to you naturally, what you do great, and harness it into making money then you won’t have to work quite so hard with that one thing.

For example, I have a lot of drive and I’m pretty naturally gifted when it comes to artistic expression in the form of beauty. I’m constantly looking at new hairstyles, at beauty magazines, and I’m pretty much obsessed with all things beauty industry. The perfect position for me is owning a salon in the beauty industry.

It’s something I’m naturally good at—my drive, combined with something I’m passionate about—beauty. Now I have a career where I really get to dive deep into the art of beauty, and I get to beautify someone every day. I still have to push myself, but it takes less effort when you’re in love with what you’re doing. I would not have as much drive if I owned, say, a tax accounting firm.

Monetizing your superpower is combining something you’re great at with something you are intrigued by or love to do. This combination inevitably creates explosive results. People work really hard to find something they love to do, but consider what do you do anyway every day? What are you intrigued by? When you can take these things are turn them into your career or even side hustle, this is what turns work into filling your cup. Tune in Sunday when the newest episode drops and listen to Niko and I dive even more in depth on this topic!

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