2019 Fall Fashion Trends ????

September 13, 2019

Even though it technically doesn’t begin for another week or so… I’m all in on Fall everything already.

Fall is my absolute favorite season and as soon as September hits—even though it still feels hot af, I’m convinced it’s time for Fall fashion. When I recently shot my monthly photos with Images by Amber Robinson, we wanted the theme to be Fall. Well, I packed up my big chunky sweaters, suede boots, felt hats, and all the layers and went downtown to stand outside in the sweltering heat and pretend that it’s already way cooler than it actually is. Ya girl was HOT. But it was worth it, because I absolutely can’t get enough of the fashion of Fall.

Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Wanna know my very favorite aspect of fall fashion? The layerssss. My internal heat index is high so I’m pretty much always hot. I love Fall the most because there’s a crispness in the air and it’s actually seasonably appropriate to wear different layers every day. For example on any given Fall day you might find me wearing a sheer bodysuit layered under a tank top layered under a Free People drape layered under a chunky sweater. It’s perfect for walking into work in the cooler morning air, but it’s just as perfect for de-layering as the day goes on.

By mid-afternoon I’m probably down to just the tank top as I’m sewing hair and moving around the salon. I know it really depends on where you live because Fall can be so variable based on location, but I feel like Fall is still one of those seasons where layering and mixing are expected. I love mixing different textures and patterns, which is amazing with layers. My fashion mindset is pretty much already set up for Fall so I find it so much easier to dress in this season.

Fall Fashion Trends 2019


Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Recently, I spent a day wandering through the mall checking out the upcoming trends and noticing what showed up in various places. One of the first trends I noticed was PATTERNS. Which you all know makes me super excited. There was a ton of leopard print, cheetah print, and just generally that cognac brown color with some kind of print on top of it. There were sneakers with dots on them and patterns on just about everything you could imagine. I love that cheetah print is at the top of the list, and I mayyy have gotten more than one cheetah print item.

The second trend I noticed is long skirts. And not just maxis either. Summer may have been all about a super long peasant dress, but I’m talking more like midi-length skirts and dresses. These aren’t the awkward just below the knee midi-lengths either. They’re a tighter knit, more form fitting style that hits at the perfect mid-calf spot. I’m also obsessed with the various textures these skirts are showing up in. Cotton knits, ribbing in the fabric, and other heavier textured fabrics are all in.

Next up is one of my all-time faves and I’m so happy to see it’s sticking around. It may not be dad shoes anymore (which I will continue to rock regardless), but the sneaker kick is still going strong. I saw tons of sneakers when I was scoping out the Fall fashion and they pair perfectly with so many looks. I especially noticed high tops are having a moment. Madewell came out with a line of dope ass high top and low top sneakers in cool prints, and beautiful colors and I’m pretty much obsessed.

Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Last on the list—my fall fashion wouldn’t be complete without something hair related. This season is going to be all about some hair accessories. I’ve been seeing a lot of scarves, headbands, and barrettes galore.

I’ve been shopping at Anthropolgie for a long time, and never have I seen their accessories table as extensive as I did this past weekend. Head scarves in all colors and patterns, the cutest head bands, and of course, we can’t forget one of my faves—felt hats as well. To read more about the fall hair trends, check out the Garnish blog that went up today! The studio shared our fave cut, style, and fashion trend of the season. And to keep up with my Fall fashion, make sure you’re following me on Instagram.

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