Why a YouTube Channel… Why Now?

September 6, 2019

A few weeks ago I gave you all a sneak peek into our upcoming YouTube channel. Well, today is the day—we are officially launching the Garnish Extension Studio YouTube! In honor of our launch I wanted to give you all a little behind the scenes into the why and how it all came about along with a preview of our first series: Garnish Your Growth.

I have had broadcasting a YouTube channel on my “list” for years. My list is pretty much made up of tons of notes in my phone… 487 notes to be exact. Whenever I have a thought, need to remind myself of something, or have a creative spark I create a note in my phone. I recently went to the search bar and typed in YouTube to find everything I had noted, and out of all the notes I have written over the past several years, about 50 of them centered around YouTube. The topics spanned creatively brainstorming for YouTube, the name of my YouTube channel, creative concepts, pretty much all things related to the topic. And after having thought about it and worked towards it for so long, I am so proud to finally be launching our channel.

The last few months have been filled with finding a videographer, carving out time in my already busy schedule to have video shoots, and collaborating with my Lead Stylist, Niko, to create the videos topics. The last two years have held so much change in both of our careers and personal lives, making this the perfect time to create a space to talk all about change and growth. Our “Garnish Your Growth” series will be a place of transparency where we can share and put some of our challenges and own experiences out there. It will almost be like an online diary for people interested in listening who share the same pursuit of growth that we both do.

In the last year I have been asked to go against my natural thought process inside of NBR as I’ve begun to train and teach. I didn’t have that in mind when I started learning the method, but I just became so obsessed with the brand and method and mechanics behind it, that teaching came naturally. As my business has shifted, we’ve encountered growth related challenges, and I knew that it would be worth it to share them with others. I never would have thought that wanting to do better and offer exclusively extensions would’ve been such a difficult change, but I really had to face my own fears in order to do so.

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We’ve already recorded our first 8 episodes of the series and we hope you enjoy the sneak peek into our lives. Every episode will be super transparent and super real (which means lots of cussing). I felt this was the perfect time to launch this endeavor as it’s the perfect way to showcase what we do inside of my studio, but also what it took for us to get here. We are open to taking topics from viewers and would love to hear what you would like us to speak about in future episodes.

Garnish is the name of my studio, Growth is the name of my game. Head over to Garnish’s YouTube and subscribe so you don’t miss our very first Garnish Your Growth video. While you’re there make sure to subscribe to our channel to ensure you get notified when we put out new content!

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