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Warrior Women United!

Wake Up Warrior


“Wow” was the overwhelming thought in my mind following my recent experience at the first ever Warrior Women event last week. When I first signed up for the event I didn’t really know what to expect, and even if I had thought I’d known—it still would have blown me away completely. The event was hosted by Danielle and Garrett White, the creator of NBR and her husband who created “Wake Up Warrior” a men’s retreat. Together they decided to adapt the Wake Up Warrior idea into a format for women. Unlike every other time I’ve traveled to Laguna, this time had nothing to do with hair and everything to do with leveling up your life. And they chose to do that by challenging us to dig deeper than I thought possible within a three day retreat.

Wake Up Warrior

When I think of travel and baggage, my mind immediately goes to luggage.. but last week, for any one of the 300+ women that attended this event, the baggage we left behind wasn’t part of any travel set. And the baggage wasn’t any one particular thing or person or event, but we really had to consider the baggage that collects naturally as we walk through our lives. It was something I didn’t even realize I was carrying, and it struck me as odd that I had to buy a plane ticket and fly across the country to take care of some shit that I had to drag all the way there with me. The trainers of this event pulled out every skeleton, demon, and old memory that you would never want to face.. the kind of baggage that keeps us held hostage from living the type of life we want.

wake up warrior

For me, I had to realize that I had a habit of always trying to save everything. I’ve never known when to say, “That’s not my battle to fight.” I’ve always been the one to approach a problem with an immediate plan or solution, but sometimes it’s not my solution to offer. Having to face shit from your past, present, and soon to be future is emotional and takes a lot to be pulled out and held at the forefront of your mind. Every time we tried to look away, they wouldn’t let us. It brought on such a wild array of emotions that needed to be worked through.
They taught us one particular method of analysing a situation that really connected for me.

It was called STACK, and essentially it asks you to go through a series of scenarios. It asks you to defend the story you’re telling yourself, and to prove if it’s true or false. It asks you to consider how the story is helping and if it is a set back or a trigger. In the end it asks you to contemplate if this is reality or not reality and if it’s something you really need to address. It’s how it hits your brain.

Already in the last week I’ve found it to be a really useful tool. I’ve stacked a lot of different things, came up with answers to my questions, and then ultimately ended up with more questions. Overall I found it to be really beneficial and insightful.

It’s difficult to put into words such a deep emotion-filled three days spent with strangers who become friends, family, and champions within that short time. The best way I can think to say it is that it was a life-changing experience. I am changed, grateful, and ready.

The Warrior Recap:

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