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Virtue: The Hair Game Changer

Introducing Virtue, the life-changing new haircare products

New technology is always such a cool thing to learn about, and it’s even better when it coincides with your passion. Recently, my studio brought in a new product line and I wanted to let you guys in on why I’m SO excited for these new hair products.

If you haven’t already heard about Virtue Labs, you’re going to want to look them up. They started off as a research company of bio-scientists who learned how to collect human hair Keratin in its pure form. If you know anything about hair you may be able to guess why this is life-changing news.

Keratin has been used in the hair industry for smoothing and reparative reasons for years, but up until this point it has always been some other kind of Keratin (ie. our GK uses sheep’s Keratin). Other forms of Keratin work essentially like a band-aid. They fill in the spaces in need of Keratin, but only in a temporary form. Virtue’s Keratin technology, called Alpha Keratin 60ku, is actually recognized by our bodies as its own Keratin so it’s able to detect where your hair needs to be “mended” and fully bonds with the hair to repair and reseal the hair cuticle.

This is a game-changer for damaged and aging hair.

The product line is small, but each product includes the Alpha Keratin 60ku and is designed to be extremely effective in its individual purpose. They have been scientifically proven to reduce frizz, increase color vibrancy, and repair split ends.

Virtue’s new technology is also super exciting in terms of extensions as it can contribute to prolonging the life of the extension hair. The reparative effects help maintain the smoothness and quality of the hair.

Now that you know all about the technology let me tell you about the practical reasons I’m obsessed with these products. First of all, they feel rich and luxurious, and they make a legit difference in the feel of your hair. A lot of protein based products can feel filmy, but these do not. Working with women with a lot of hair challenges such as breakage and weak hair strands has led me to constantly be searching for a reparative product that I love.

The Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner is unlike any other repair line I’ve used before in how it makes the hair feel and over time improving the total health of the hair. I also love the 6-in-1 Styling Cream as a leave-in/blow out balm.

It’s moisturizing and makes the hair feel super soft. You all know with NBR Extensions I wash my hair much less frequently than the average person so I’m a dry shampoo ADDICT. I recently tried Virtue’s (upcoming) dry shampoo and I’m definitely a fan. It’s super lightweight and absorbs oil without weighing the hair down.

If you’ve been looking for a new shampoo and conditioner or even a styling product that’s completely new and different from anything you’ve used before, come into the studio and check out the Virtue line. I’m obsessed and I guarantee you will be, too.

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