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Trend Alert: White Summer Boots

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A couple of weeks ago I shared my picks for the upcoming Summer trends. Today I wanted to spotlight one of those because I’m literally THAT obsessed. What could possibly have me so head over heels?


If you’re not already seeing white, off-white, and cream colored shoes everywhere, you’re about to. They are officially on trend this Summer. I saw them a few weeks ago on {can’t remember which celeb you said} and I fell in love. I’ve always shied away from white shoes in the past because I was afraid of keeping them clean. As a hairstylist who colors a lot of hair, white can be a tricky color to wear. Buuut sometimes my love of fashion sneaks up on practicality.

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After seeing the boots on Kendall Jenner all of a sudden they were all over Instagram and my intrigue just kept rising. My all-time favorite color is beige, which is sort of similar, but I was still always scared of white. White wasn’t soft like beige. It didn’t take long until I decided to try them and the second they were on my feet I fell completely in love. So naturally, I ordered 3 more pairs. (In different styles, of course!)

hair extensions

hair extensions

I love this color trend because they can literally go with any outfit of any color. They’re super trendy and I looove a good trend. And let me tell you… they’re bossy, too! When I get dressed in the morning I’ll go to put something else on and the white boots are sitting there staring at me so I just end up wearing them.

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kitty booties
stuart wizeman

I’ve linked my faves below for you! If you join me on this amaaaze Summer trend, tag me on insta so I can see your look. Happy Shopping! 😌

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