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Top Knot Station: The Tutorial

Top Knot Station

There’s a beauty and an elegance that comes with long, free flowing locks. However, being a former pixie cut chic, and now a busy mom of two, I take pride in rocking a bigger than average top knot at least 2 to 3 days a week. I’ve found that I still receive plenty of compliments, and I seem to be able to get away with having it considered a “style”.

To avoid looking like you just left your favorite yoga class, there are a few things you’ll need to incorporate this look into the professional world.

There’s nothing like some bangin’ ass color! Whether worn up or down, having hair color that suites your skin tone and style plays a huge part into having a polished look. Call me a color snob, but when your hair color falls just right and it is painted on perfectly (meaning it brings out every layer and flip) you are already winning!

Take the time to finish or polish your ends, so they can sweep into your top knot without fuss!

Top Knot’s Love a Good Brush

Having a good boar bristle brush always helps! Boar’s hair brushes are exactly what they sound like, straight from the boar! They also already have a slight sheen to it, so they don’t need to be broken in as much as a plastic bristle brush! They are one of my favorite brushes because no matter the hair texture, they get the job done!

The higher the better! I find that piling it all on the very tippy top (mother of 2 coming through) of my head is a lot easier for me to have it stay secure for the entire day. It’s also a lot easier to work on something that you can see, versus having a little bit further back on your head and hoping for the best.

Check out my IG story showing a two minute Top Knot tutorial right before taking my mom out to dinner for Mother’s Day Eve.

Candice Motley


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