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The Versatility of NBR Hair Extensions

hair extensions raleigh

hair extensions Raleigh

I’m just coming home from another trip to Laguna, and I can’t waitttt to tell you all about my latest experience at BMS convention. If you’ve been following along you know I’ve taken several trips to California in the past year and a half so I thought I would let you in on the number one reason why I can’t get enough of more training and experience with BMS and NBR (the business and extension sides of the same company).

You already know I fell in love with NBR hair extensions on a personal level when I first started wearing extensions last year, but over the past year I have also had the opportunity to see just how transformative NBR can be for so many different women. I wanted to share with you all just a few reasons why I consider NBR extensions so incredible.

My love for these extensions can be summed up in one word: VERSATILITY. The versatility that they offer really makes them stand out against other extension methods. They offer a variety of color options, texture options, and styling options. They can be used to just add a bit of volume or to create a complete mermaid look. The method of attachment makes them a great fit for a variety of hair types, and they can even work for women who live an active lifestyle and moms-on-the-go. As an extension specialist, it’s great to have a method that offers solutions to some of the challenges that have always come with extensions.

Let’s talk about the insane color blends… The color of NBR extensions can be completely customized and can create incredible dimension due to how we create the NBR “rows.” The rows are created through placing several different wefts together. This customization allows for absolutely flawless blends with a variety of hair colors. The extensions can also be custom colored to match just about every hair color there is. I have been able to color match unique natural colors, balayaged hair, and even vivid orange through NBR.

NBR Hair Extension Solutions

NBR also offers a solution for curlies in a way that is different from any other method I have worked with. As a curly myself I love that my extensions have the ability to perfectly match my natural curl pattern. The hair that we use for NBR offers everything from silky straight to beachy waves to actual curls, which allows me to offer a more natural looking solution for women with textured hair.

As for the application method… the rows can be created and placed in different ways to accommodate filling in skinny ends, offering volume around the face, or actually providing both length and volume. This means that NBR extensions can be a solution for women with a variety of hair needs and hair goals.

Finally, I absolutely love the fact that NBR extensions can be styled in SO many different ways. Most methods of extensions can only be pulled back in a low pony or maybe a low bun. The wearer has to be cautious of the bonds showing or the wefts being pulled in certain directions.

Hair Extension Specialist

With NBR the hair can be worn in everything from a top knot to braids, to even an updo. Being able to style your hair with extensions just as you would have if it was your own is one of my favorite aspects of NBR. It really helps women to feel as though the hair is their own, which I’ve found makes a huge difference in how they feel about their look. I know it certainly has for me.

The versatility of NBR has allowed me to be a part of so many different transformations, and I look forward every day to being able to change another woman’s life through extensions and helping her reach her hair goals. Check out some of my favorite transformations and styles achieved through NBR.

And if you’re ready to start your NBR journey, fill out the Extension Application through my studio (linked). I would love to be a part of helping you find your confidence through NBR extensions. Stay tuned for more about my most recent California trip for BMS Convention!

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