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The Unexpected “secrets” of NBR Hair Extensions

nbr hair extensions

nbr hair extensions

Sssshh…I’ve got a Hair Extension Secret

It’s one of my all-time favorite topics… but with a twist! Today I wanted to share with you all some of the unexpected “secrets” of NBR Hair Extensions. For any NBR newbies, or women considering the method, letting you in on these tips will help you both prepare for your new hair extensions and give you some insight into the first few weeks of wearing them.

The first aspect of NBR that you can’t possibly explain—you just have to experience it for yourself—is the hair high. The NBR hair high is SO strong. You can recognize it by not being able to stop looking in the mirror, not being able to stop touching your new hair, feeling sexier and more confident than you’ve felt in years, and wanting to show off your new hair to everyone everywhere.

We often joke on “hair day” that if you don’t have plans after leaving the salon—make some—and if nothing else, at least stop at the grocery store so someone can admire your amazing new hair. The hair high can last for weeks, and sometimes it never really fades. Looking in the mirror and LOVING how you look becomes your new normal.

nbr hair extensions

nbr hair extensions

This next “secret” is the only thing that might actually dampen that hair high…the very first time you have to WASH your hair extensions. Washing hair that is much thicker, longer, or both than your natural hair is a whole new challenge. I always make sure to give fair warning when we review the home care of extensions to give yourself grace to learn how to wash and style your new hair.

The shampooing process takes a couple of extra steps to ensure the hair is both thoroughly washed and thoroughly rinsed, and blowdrying with the extensions inevitably takes longer than your natural hair. The actual styling can also be a learning curve as most often you have to learn to style shorter layers in with new longer layers. While initially the new process of washing and styling your hair can lead to a bit of frustration, once you get the hang of your extensions the hair high will be back in full force.

The last “tip” to having the most successful experience with your new NBR is to “complete the package” so to speak. Extensions are an investment, and when you invest in anything you want to make sure you protect your investment. The best way to protect your new hair is by using high quality products, following the home care instructions exactly, and scheduling your maintenance appointments within the recommended timeframe.

nbr hair extensions

nbr hair extensions

The right products for your natural hair are not always the same best products for your extension hair. Whenever my team or I makes a product suggestion it’s because we know from personal experience that that product will make a huge difference in the life and wear of your extension hair. The same goes for hot tools. I always stand by quality products making all the difference in how the tools perform and how they protect your hair. We created the home care guide and recommended maintenance schedule to support the BEST possible experience with your extensions, along with to extend the life of your extensions as much as possible. If you follow the proper care and maintain your tidy up appointments you will minimize the challenges that you experience and maximize the love you have for your hair.

Like any new experience, there can be some challenges when first wearing NBR extensions, however, being prepared for them and knowing what to expect can make all the difference. Besides, that hair high makes it all totally worth it. If you want to know more about NBR or you’re ready to experience that hair high for yourself, visit garnishhairextensions.comm and fill out an application!

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