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The Summer Wind Down

It’s officially hit that weird transitional time between NC Summer heat and our typically very short lived fall.

It’s still kinda hot, it’s definitely still humid, but it’s started to get just a little cooler. And because we’re all SO ready for the transition to fall, we start to make our outfits just a little more fall-ish. I wanted to share my two favorite things to wear during this weather and season transition—essentially my September fashion go-tos.

NBR Hair Extensions

First up, All. The. Layers.
Layers account for cooler mornings and evenings with the still hot afternoons, and can also create a ton of different looks. I’m all about some layers all year long because I’m constantly over-heating. Wearing layers can accommodate for the actual weather outside while still allowing me to make myself cooler when I start to get hot flashes halfway through the afternoon.

NBR Hair Extensions

Next, we have my all-time fave way to take a summer outfit and make it look like fall. Just add a felt hat and some booties. Boom. Nothing about the outfit has changed, so it can be just as cool as before, but all of a sudden it looks like the change of season is about to occur. I love it.

When it comes to fashion, I try to put a lot of energy into my personal appearance because I’m interacting with guests all day every day and oftentimes it’s the first time I’m meeting someone. I believe your fashion choices reflect your eye for creativity, and I always want to represent that during first impressions.

NBR Hair Extensions

With my temperature challenges (aka always HOT), I need to put extra thought into every outfit to make sure it’s trendy, but still work appropriate. I hope you love my “September season” go-to styles, and would love to see you rocking them. If you wear either look, definitely tag me on insta so I can see your September fashion!

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