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The Adventures of Mot + Niko: Laguna

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So, should I buy a house in Laguna or…

Yep, this was my 6th trip out there in the past 15 months. It’s basically my home away from home now.  This trip was for the second BMS Convention, and it was AMAZING. I attended the inaugural BMS Convention in December, and was invited back for this one as a “Pod Leader” and Trainer.

You all know how much I love educating, so it was such an incredible experience to get to teach something that I love to do at an event like the BMS Convention. The convention itself was highly organized, and a completely different vibe from the last convention, which made it that much more exciting. I love being a part of a company that is super innovative like the BMS/NBR team is.

As you may or may not know, one of my stylists, Niko, has also been a part of NBR since last year and BMS since the December convention. She was also invited back for BMS Con 2, and this time she had the opportunity to speak to the entire group. Previous BMS events have always capped at 150, but for this convention there were 350 attendees.

The energy of so many stylists learning together was truly amazing. Niko’s talk was on her personal and professional growth since joining BMS a little over 6 months ago. She talked about shifts in her mindset, her self-view, and her world-view, and MAN, did it get me. I turned straight into a proud mama bear listening to how much she’s grown through her own eyes.

The entire theme of the convention went along with Niko’s talk—change and growth and goals. Everything seemed to connect on a much deeper level this time around. We even had one session that talked about childhood and where our inspiration to become hair stylists really all began.

Working with a company that values change and growth so highly really inspires me.  Change can be so scary, but when you can see the results all around you it’s so worth taking the leap of faith.

One of my favorite aspects of this convention was my experience as a Pod Leader. There were 20 of us chosen to lead groups of about 15 people each. My little pod was made up of women from all over the country, with a huge range of industry experience. It was so cool to be able to connect not only through teaching the extension method, but also sharing business advice.

Before convention we had three weeks of “pre-training” where I was able to virtually meet my pod members and get to know them. Working with these women for a whole month made it that much more special to go through the training process with them and to then be a part of their graduation in the end. I was able to personally hand them each their diplomas that gave them their Level 1 Certification. Niko even had the opportunity to be a pod leader’s assistant, which was a huge honor for someone newer to the program.

Overall, the trip was full of incredible vibes and a huge amount of inspiration. Working with a company that builds up stylists all around the country and getting to meet so many of those women and men in person is truly amazing. It was also so special to get to attend this convention with one of my stylists whom I have had the privilege of seeing grow so much in her career over our last three years of working together.

Niko and I travel really well together (mostly because she eats all my leftovers at every meal), but also because we share a passion for good vibes and constant growth. We even accidentally stumbled upon a pool party hosted by Lil Jon…. Only in LA!

I already can’t wait for my next BMS/NBR experience, and to get to share the inspiration and incredible energy with all of you in my studio.

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