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Taking Care of Mama

Hair Extension Expert Candice Motley

Hair Extension Expert Candice Motley

How many times this year have you stopped, taken a deep breath, and done a self check in?

Sound strange? I would have never even thought to do this prior to a couple years ago, but it saved my life. Not in the physical sense, but in every other way possible.

Hair Extension Expert Candice Motley

So many times when I am behind the chair with women in the salon, I hear stories about how they are overwhelmed, anxious, and drained beyond belief. Rushing from one task to another and taking care of everyone else in their lives. And this one hair appointment is supposed to be their “me time” for the month.

I appreciate and get it.. time is scarce now a days, and most people barely have enough of it.
This was my life up until a couple of years ago, until when my business coach recommended for me to take time each week and do a mental awareness check in.

Was I making enough time to Live My Life, or just rushing through it?

For the next several months instead of only focusing on the growth of my business, she turned it around and had me start placing a majority of my emphasis on the growth of Candice.
She had me complete weekly activities that sounded simple, like writing out the top 25 things that I love to do and right beside it a checkmark if I had done it within the last 3 to 6 months. This was eye-opening for me!

Hair Extension Expert Candice Motley

She then encourage me to use the same list and asked me to choose 10 things off of it, and actually schedule them within my life. Instead of taking it by chance that I might just happened to stumble onto one of these, she wanted me to make them a priority.

This was such a new concept to me, using my planner to incorporate not just meetings and appointments, but things that were also fulfilling to me and my overall well being

Since then, I’m happy to say that I find ways to satisfy my “me time” daily. I have a weekly reminder list that breaks it down to the day, all the things I wanted to incorporate into my life. From a simple oatmeal bath and a glass of wine (Friday evenings), to when I’m going to meal prep (Thursdays/Sundays). I can’t tell you how great it feels to already have a sense of peace when it comes to my routine. Especially after becoming a mom of 2 Little’s (Kingston, 3 & Houston,2).  I encourage you to try it on, and start small. Choose a day to bring something new into your world, or reintroduce something that might have been lost that you used to love

I’m always looking for inspiration from other women… if you have something amazing that you incorporate into your week already, please share

Hair Extension Expert Candice Motley

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Taking Care of Mama
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  • Caroline
    Posted at 16:40h, 05 May Reply

    Perfect reminder to nurture your soul.

    • Motley
      Posted at 15:51h, 09 June Reply


  • lanatria ellis
    Posted at 16:48h, 10 May Reply

    Trying to balance blogging full time , working a full time job , being a wife and mom I recently incorporated walking daily.My day is chaotic on the daily with emails ,postings, and collaboration requests so I sacrificed a part of my daily 1hr lunch break.There is a nice 2 mile trail I walk daily and not only is the exercise paying off, but I get a chance to clear my head and escape the madness that is my life.I just came across you on Fashionbombdaily and I must say I am wowed! I also live in NC and I used to live in Raleigh once upon a time.Its great to come across fellow NC fashionistas! Congrats on starting your blog and I will surely be stalking your page and your closet! lol


    • Motley
      Posted at 15:48h, 09 June Reply

      Heyyyy mama!! Thank you for reaching out! It’s nice to know that there are other mom/blogger/fashionistas that have this same ritual😅 thank you for sharing and for the continued support

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