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summer swag

Summer Swag

If you live in North Carolina you know that the heat is real right now. Whenever it’s this hot in the Summer I have a few go-to looks that I wear pretty much all the time. They are all the perfect mix of chic and casual, and all accommodate for the melty temperatures outside.

Summer Swag

First up is summer dresses. I can’t get enough of a flowy dress in the summertime. Whether it’s short or long, it’s always lightweight, flowy, and I pretty much always pair it with sneaks. I opt for flowy because with heat comes sweat and lightweight dresses are one of the coolest clothing options available.

Summer Swag

Next up—this year I have been all about a super lightweight kimono paired with denim shorts. It’s casual and chill, but the kimono dresses it up and is a perfect way to look fashionable while feeling super comfy. I wear sneaks with this look a lot, too—pretty much all summer as I’m on the go constantly.

Summer Swag

My next latest obsession is athleisure wear. Anthropologie recently had a sale on their entire athleisure collection and I fell in love. They have longline sports bras that come down further which makes them perfect for wearing under lightweight flowy tanks, tees, and summer sweaters (for inside when the ac is too much), or as just a top with your fave leggings. Anthro also has lightweight sweatpants made just for summertime. I love these looks on my days off when I’m with my kids or running around doing all the things.
No matter what I’m wearing, my summer hair is all about how I can tie it up and what accessories I can use to dress it up.

I love a hairband and pony combo, a top knot and scarf, or a big summer braid. Thankfully, my NBR extensions can be worn in any style, which makes it super easy in the summer.

Essentially, Summer is all about comfort. Easy, breezy clothes, hair up off your neck, and casual everything. Check out my favorite athleisure pieces at What’s your go-to Summer pieces?
Let me know in the comments below!

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