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Stylist Self-Care featuring Sarah

Alright, I want to take a moment to talk a little bit about stylist self-care, and why we should invest in our own hair. It’s a well-known industry conundrum that stylists are typically so busy doing everyone else’s hair that our own gets neglected.

When I got my NBR Extensions I realized that this couldn’t be possible as I would absolutely have to get my hair done every 8 weeks to keep my extensions cared for. A few of my fellow NBR stylists in the area and I decided we would do a hair day together to each take care of one another’s hair. It’s been amazing to get to have the “client experience” every couple of months, and to show some love to my industry friends. Recently, I had a perfect reminder of just why this is SO important.

When Sarah came to see me she told me her story and I related so hard. Just like many of us hairstylists and beauty industry mavens, she poured so much of her creative energy into other people. She specialized in freelance weddings and makeup, which can be high-pressure and can really wear on a person, and she had just completely overlooked herself for quite some time. She finally decided to invest back into herself, and could not think of a better way than to finally achieve her own hair dreams. Sarah’s color had been completely neglected and she was having challenges getting her hair to grow to the length that she wanted. We set her up first for a color correction, and then following for an application of NBR Extensions.

For Sarah’s color correction we focused on brightness around her face while creating beautiful melty dimension. She had several inches of root growth alongside grown out highlights and we needed to “erase” that line and add in both brightness and depth. We also cooled her color down to give her an updated ashy bronde. She came back in the following week for her application of three rows of NBR Extensions. Sarah’s goal was maximum fullness and length, which was achievable through adding three rows. The smile on her face when she saw her final look was absolutely priceless.

After a couple of days Sarah reached out to me to let me know how good she felt about her decision to invest in herself and finally achieve her hair goals. She loved her new look, and I loved being able to give back to a fellow stylist. It’s not always easy to allow ourselves the time to take care of our own needs, particularly when we’re in a service industry where we’re constantly caring for others, but if we want to live a sustainable life that allows us to continue pouring into our passion, then we absolutely have to find a way to care for ourselves as well.

Whether you’re a stylist or not, if you’ve been neglecting your hair, and it just doesn’t look how you want or make you feel good… I am dying to transform your look and be the avenue for your self-care. If you’re interested in finding out what’s possible for you, check out my site

I can’t wait to see you in my chair.

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