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Spring Flings + Summer Loves

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Despite the NC weather being a bit finnicky lately, in the fashion world Spring is definitely here and Summer is following closely. You all know how much I looove a good fashion trend, and this Spring to Summer season has me head over heels.

If you follow my insta you’ve already seen a couple of my faves show up. Cream colored everything, summer sweaters, slides, and a particular pair of ivory boots that I literally can’t get enough of. Warmer weather also brings on a few other trends for me ranging from reggae music to grilling out to fresh squeezed juices.

Welcome to Mot’s Spring Flings & Summer Loves

First of all, can we just talk about cream and ivory colored accessories for a minute? From shoes to handbags if it’s cream, beige, or ivory I am obsessed. There’s something to be said for a color that goes with every single other color. My ivory colored shoe collection has become my springtime staple. I have furry slips, cream slides, and a new pair of ivory boots with multi-colored heels that I’ve worn three times in the past week—and you know for someone who works on their feet all day that’s a true sign of love.

Next up is something my team makes fun of me for, but I just love it so much—my summer sweater. It’s (surprise surprise) an ivory knit tank that’s super cute and is perfect for these still breezy spring days. It’s definitely another one of my springtime staples.

I know I already mentioned my fave new slides, but along with the slides comes hydrated heels. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Let me tell you a quick story… about a week ago I was stitching NBR when one of my stylists, Tish, pointed out that my heels looked a little.. let’s say, uncared for. Being the caring person that she is… and my team being the roasters that they are… she literally slathered lotion onto my heels right then and there while I kept stitching away at my client’s NBR Extensions. So, when I mention my addiction to slip shoes, I now have to include the fact that that means I need to get a pedicure a little more often.

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Never a bad thing for summer anyway, right?

As the weather warms, I also inevitably find myself wanting to be outside more. That means grilling for dinner, iced beverages, and sunglasses galore. For some reason in the summer I suddenly start craving fresh squeezed juices. Think cold lemonade on a sunny day… I just love how refreshing they are. I also have a biiiit of a sunglass addiction so all through the warmer months you will see me rocking shades of all shapes and sizes—whatever fits my outfit of the day. Another warm weather must is the music. Maybe it’s because reggae is such great beach music, but all summer long I get on such a kick for reggae music.

Finally, there’s one thing you’ll notice has kindaaa taken over my wardrobe in the past couple of months. Yep, it’s the jumpsuits and overalls. They’re fashionable, cute, but still functional… they’re comfortable, and they come in sooo many different styles. My collection ranges from fitted denim overalls to floral velvet jumpsuits to loose and flowy ones that if you don’t pay attention may even pass for a dress. I really can’t get enough of this fashion trend.

So there you have it… my spring flings and summer loves. If you want to see more of everything on this list be sure to follow along on insta and don’t forget to check out my daily stories to keep up with my outfit of the day, extension transformations, and allll the Garnish good times.

A Few Faves

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