Roadblocks: There's always another way! - Candice Motley |
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Roadblocks: There’s always another way!

Hair Extension Specialist - Roadblocks: There's always another way


Also known as, mile markers in your life that feel both wonderful, and sometimes a little weird. It’s a combination of “Look how far we’ve come and all the amazing things we’ve accomplished…” and “I can’t believe we survived this long.” In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be celebrating our three year anniversary at Garnish Hair Studio & Extension Bar, and it’s got me reminiscing on the great moments, and reflecting on the not so smooth road it took to get here.

I realize that some people keep their journey very top-secret, hush-hush when it comes to struggles and bumps that happen along the way, but I’m all about keeping it real. I choose to be as transparent as possible in hopes that it may reach the right person at the right time and inspire them to continue pressing on despite the roadblocks.

In my experience with entrepreneurship, the road most traveled has been full of learning curves and bumpy terrain. Initially, I wanted to make sure that I was beyond prepared to open up my first salon. Turns out, no amount of preparation can predict some of the giant learning curves that come from opening your first business. In reality, everything you’ve done in your career to that point becomes a part of your preparation and helps set you on the path to overcoming all of the bumps that may arise.

I wanted to share with you all some of the roadblocks I’ve experienced not just in opening Garnish, and building it into the business that it is today, but really throughout my entire career. Moments that whether I knew it or not at the time, really defined how I would grow as a stylist, and as someone who would someday become an entrepreneur.

First, deciding to pursue extensions as an addition to my skillset as a stylist was something I felt passionate about from the very beginning, but the people around me failed to see the same potential. I was often told early on in my extensions career that I was “wasting my time,” and that no one would invest in extensions. I chose to go into debt to further my education because I believed so strongly in the transformation potential of extensions, but when I arrived back at my salon after my training, they did not support my vision.

It took a while, but eventually I found an amazing salon home—I even invested in a portion of the salon—only to be told 6 months later that she was going to be closing the salon permanently. I not only lost my investment, but then needed to incur more upfront costs to set up a new salon home for my business.


Enter: Garnish.

I applied for three different business loans, and was denied all three times. *Who knew there was a credit score for your business that they pull*🙄 Ultimately, I invested my entire 401k to fund my dream. And that was just the beginning. Within the first year of Garnish being open, I nearly had a mental breakdown.

I was a new mom, a new business owner, new to being THE leader within my own company, and finding peace or balance amongst all of these new roles felt desperately impossible. Piled on top of juggling a myriad of roles was the pressure to keep my business afloat while it was still developing and growing.

I told you I would lay it all out there for you, and let me tell you… in those days I often found myself thinking, “What the hell did I do this for? I have no time, energy, or quality of life…” I had moments where I nearly regretted taking the plunge into the murky depths of entrepreneurship.

Nearly. I had an epiphany about a year and a half in that reminded me of the most important truth: I have control over my own life, and I have the capacity to start putting things into practice to change my current situation. I might not see the effects of small changes today, tomorrow, or next week… But knowing that I was doing something to alter my current state of mind for the future kept me going.

My path as a stylist had plenty of its own roadblocks and detours, but my belief in what I was doing, and my willingness to grind as hard as necessary led me to eventually opening my own studio. And as a business owner, I have encountered plenty of challenges, and grown exponentially over the past three years, but it has all been SO worth it.

This upcoming anniversary means the world to me because I know how many twists and turns it took to get here. But also how many lives I’ve had the pleasure of touching (and them touching me back) along the way. I’m completely obsessed and ALL the way in when it comes to my growth as a leader, and can’t wait to let you see what we have in store for the future!

I also hope that in some way, hearing my story might have made enough of a difference to help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel in your own journey. We hold the power to create or change the path for ourselves.

🥂 Cheers to your success!

Candice Motley

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