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Are you ready for all things Fall Fashion

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It’s official. My favorite time of the year is here! It’s AUTUMN.

As today officially marks the beginning of the season, I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite fall fashion trends. If you live in the South you know how variable the fall weather can be (as evidenced by it being in the 80’s on the first day of the season), which means that fall fashion can have quite the wide range in a Southern Fall. For me, the changing leaves and cooler weather signal three things—FALL ACCESSORIES, FALL COLORS, and of course, FALL HAIR aka EXTENSIONS.

Here are my 2017 fall obsessions…

1. Hats and Head Scarves

My love of hair definitely rolls over into a love of hair accessories. Hats are SO perfect for fall, especially on those inevitable rainy fall days. They’re a great way to liven up (or cover up) day three (or four—no one’s judging) hair, and who doesn’t love an extra accessory to color coordinate? I have a chocolate brown hat, an army green hat, and a soft grey hat—all of which go great with just about any fall colored outfit (Did I mention how much I love fall colors? Oh, not yet? Keep reading…)

On the days when you want to show off your hair a little more than a hat allows, but still want to spice up your outfit with a hair accessory, I would like to introduce you to my newfound love—head scarves. I love a good head wrap on the days when I want to throw my hair up in a top knot, but don’t want to just have a top knot. Head scarves can make your updo look extra classy, or beautifully boho depending on your choice of scarf. And there’s always a bandana if you’re more into the rocker vibe.

Morale of the story: fall weather = wear all of the things on your head.

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2. Neckwear

Scarves definitely come out to play in the fall, particularly towards the chillier end of the season, but I’ll admit, I don’t wear very many scarves. Between running warm-blooded, and spending my days painting hair, and working with intricate extensions, scarves just tend to get in the way. What I do love in the fall is a fabulous statement necklace. In North Carolina sometimes the Summer heat can be so overwhelming that even wearing a big necklace makes you overheat. As soon as fall rolls around, I break back out my big necklaces. I have a few favorites, particularly this one of a kind driftwood necklace that I found at an arts festival years ago. It’s rustic look makes it the perfect fall accessory to pair with (you guessed it) those fall colors I’ll be wearing all season.

3. Mellow and Bold

Contradictory, I know, but that’s pretty perfect for a NC fall where it can go from 80 to 50 and back again in just a few days. My fall color obsessions range from the softer tones—ivories, neutral tans and greys, and light olive all the way to bold jewel tones—the golds, royal purples, and burnt oranges. I love mixing the two together like this outfit featuring ivory sequins and tasseled shoes alongside my golden orange kimono. Putting together an outfit with complimentary soft and bold tones creates a visually interesting ensemble, along with allowing the colors to draw attention to a particular part of your outfit.

4. It’s Extension Season!

Okay, let’s be real, every season is extension season, but the fall particularly lends itself to extensions in a couple of different ways. First, the weather is way kinder to hair in general, and that definitely extends to extension hair. As the humidity declines, so does the inclination of your hair to frizz, and as you spend less time in the sun and water, your hair is better able to retain moisture. The summer can be rough on hair—natural and extensions—so transitioning to fall makes all hair happier. The fall often begs for color transformations to occur—perhaps we’re all subconsciously inspired by the changing leaves—and extensions can definitely help with that.

If you already have extensions and are due for a new set any time in the fall, it’s a GREAT time of year to change up your color a bit. Extensions can also allow you to add in some new dimension without committing to actually coloring your hair.

Custom colored extensions can be used to add highs or lows, which can provide warmth (such as caramel lights), coolness (such as chocolate lows), or even a little pop of brightness (such as auburn accents). Fall also leads into another very important time of the year—holidays… and we’d all be lying if we said it wasn’t nice to look great in the family photos at all of the upcoming holiday gatherings.

Extensions can provide that little extra volume you’ve been dying for, or those few extra inches you just can’t seem to grow fast enough. Either way, fall extensions set you up for looking BOMB in all of your holiday photos.
If you can’t tell my fall obsession by my love of fall fashion, let me offer up this proof for you. I recently decorated the studio for Autumn, and couldn’t contain my excitement.

What are you most excited for in this upcoming season? Is it the pumpkin flavored everything, the fall fashion trends, or that new set of extensions you’re about to get? Drop me your fall faves in the comment section!

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