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NBR Hair Extensions x Candice Motley

NBR Hair Extensions

Mot Goes West: Part Two

NBR Hair Extensions

Just over six months ago, I ventured to Laguna Beach, California to attend a class on Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions. At the time, I had certification in the method, and was interested in learning more, but had no idea the possibilities it could provide.

NBR Hair Extensions

My class in Laguna introduced me to those possibilities and I came back thrilled to be able to share that with all of my guests. Over the past several months I fell more in love with the NBR Hair Extension method, and the aspects that set it apart from other hair extension methods.

The methodโ€™s versatility and customizable nature means it can be used to reach a variety of hair goals, from just a little extra fullness and volume to voluminous length. In order to expand my knowledge of the detailed stitched application style, I began taking a class every Wednesday to learn the intricacies of the method, and reach a deeper understanding of whatโ€™s possible with NBR.

When the creator of Natural Beaded Rows, Danielle White, reached out and invited me to become an educator for NBR Hair Extensions, she knew I believed in the method enough to spread her knowledge to others.

Last week I returned to CA to become a certified NBR Educator, and in just a few weeks will return to California again to be a part of the NBR Convention. I’ve carefully chosen each extension method that we offer for various reasons, and each method assists different hair types and needs.

NBR Hair Extensions

NBR Hair Extensions

I’ve chosen to become an educator for Natural Beaded Rows because of its unique aspects that set it apart from other methods, such as the unique attachment method, its compatibility with thick hair, the ability to wear it in more styles without visibility of the extensions, and the volume and fullness it can provide for finer haired guests. Becoming an educator is a huge honor!

NBR Hair Extensions

To learn more about the method, and to see it in action, you can check out this post, and follow us on instagram.

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