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NBR Hair Extensions Convention

In the midst of this chilly weather I wanted to bring you all some Cali vibes and share with you my amazing third (yes, third!) trip to Laguna for NBR training. This trip was for the first ever Natural Beaded Rows Convention, hosted by NBR creator Danielle White and her husband, motivational speaker and mindset guru, Garrett White.

Most of the time when I travel for training, particularly extension training, I’m flying solo, but for this particular event I had the opportunity to bring two of my team members, Niko and Reece—which made the experience that much richer. The four day event was an amazing blur of emotions, extensions, learning, and growth—and I’ve been dying to tell you all about it.

You may remember that in October I became a Certified NBR Educator and Trainer. During Convention, I had my first opportunity to teach the method to all of the new-to-NBR stylists attending the event. Despite being slightly nerve-wracking, teaching for the first time to 200 people was super exciting because I was sharing something I feel so passionate about.

As part of my responsibilty as a trainer, I had to give a talk ON STAGE in front of the entire convention. Talk about scary. Each of us had a particular topic, and every single one addressed something that made us feel vulnerable—as stylists, business owners, and leaders. I may have been nervous going into it, but by the end it was absolutely exhilarating. Knowing that the entire group was experiencing the same roller coaster of raw emotion made it all worth it.

One of the other educators who shared her story really spoke to me and stayed with me. Kristin spoke about one of my favorite things—energy. She shared how to stay positive and find something to recharge your personal energy outside of your salonspace.

She spoke about the reality of energy draining, the need for balance, and how an imbalance of energy could affect your life. She spoke straight to my soul, and inspired me to reflect on my own work-life balance. I’ve spent (beyond) the past three years creating and growing Garnish, pouring so much of myself and my energy into my business.

Kristin’s talk made me take a moment to pause and look around at the business I have created and acknowledge that it’s thriving and kicking. As difficult as it was, I had to take a deep breath and admit that I could adjust my schedule a bit to start pouring some energy back into my family and life outside of my career.

Part of the NBR culture is the concept of “The Core 4”—body, being, business, and balance. Convention brought me to reflect on where I was at in each of these categories, and where I could adjust to reach a little more of the final category—balance. It helped me to recommit to my fitness goals, to create new routines that benefit my personal being (stay tuned to learn about my new obsession with the Miracle Morning), and to spend more time with my family.

If it’s not already obvious—I’m not only in love with the NBR Extension method because of the actual incredible results it provides for my guests, but because it comes from such a grounded place of living a more fulfilling life—and isn’t that what we’re all striving towards?

The icing on the cake of the entire Convention experience is that I was able to share it with two of my team members. You already know how passionate I feel about sharing what I’ve learned with the next generation of stylists, so getting to see them experience this type of event, and become a part of a such a strong tribe of stylists meant the world to me.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the NBR Community and to get to bring what I’ve learned into my studio to share with all of you.

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