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Navigating Mom Life 👩‍👧‍👦

Okay mamas, this one goes out to you. Particularly working moms.

I wanted to share about some difficulties my kids and I are currently experiencing, and how we’re navigating such a pivotal time inside their lives… Because maybe you can relate. Did you know as a parent that you have to preregister and apply for schools THIS early if your child starts school for the first time in August? I did not know this until a fellow mom told me. So as Kingston turned five earlier this week, this is the year he will start kindergarten… and let me tell y’all… having to find a school for him has been very tumultuous. Not only have I been looking at schools for him, but am now having to figure out what to do with Houston as they will now have completely different schedules.

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Aligning schedules pretty much describes a lot of what I’ve been doing lately between pick ups and drop offs between school and having two different households. Trying to keep everyone on the same page with activities, our recent move, my business… it’s been a lot of keeping track of what everyone’s doing and when. I thought I was a planner before I had kids, but this is now next level. The thing about parenting is that every time you learn how to do something and get it all figured out, your kids get older and it all changes.

Recently, Houston got sick during the day and I had to go get her from school. It was so close to the end of the school day that I just picked Kingston up with her. So now I had both kids out of school earlier, and still needed to go back to work. Cue finding a sitter in the middle of the day. Moms, I know you know exactly what I’m talking about. This is now our new normal. So I wanted to send out some recognition and support for all of you struggling through the same shit.

The one thing that’s been so important to me to maintain throughout all of this learning and growing is that the kids don’t know what’s going on with anything. They have no sense of the stress or challenges and are just happy to see me. Knowing this just sort of throws a blanket of happiness over the chaos and it makes all the tough stuff worth it.

As our lives change each day as the kids grow, everything else sort of shifts around it. Sometimes those shifts go smoothly, and other times they are tougher than I could have imagined. This school and schedule adjustment that is about to begin is one of those things that I never could have anticipated would have been so difficult. My childcare situation for both kids was no longer going to look the same for just one child so it forced me to make some difficult choices on what’s best for both of them and how to best keep them in their routines. Even though each day is new, I still know that we’ll figure it out. That’s also the thing about parenting… even though sometimes it feels like you have no idea what you’re doing… you always figure it out.

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Moms… I’m totally serious when I say I would love if you would share your mom stories and mom struggles with me. I already know I will be able to relate. And if you, too, have been going through some tough things, know that it’ll all work out and things will feel smoother at somepoint. Maybe just until our kids grow some more and everything changes again, but that’s life isn’t it?

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