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My Hair Extensions Journey

Hair extension specialist

Pixies to Hair Extensions

And everything in between…

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with hair extensions… I mean, hello, I own a Hair Extension Bar. But last year I had the opportunity to fall in love on a deeper level. After specializing in extensions for a decade without ever really being able to experience them for myself, Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions finally made it possible. Why did I wait so long? Allow me to take you along on a bit of my hair journey.

hair extension specialist

The first important note is that my hair is thick and curly and the longer it got the more unruly it became so for most of my life I’ve kept it in varying degrees of “short.” I always identified with my pixie cut, and it’s how I felt most myself. The last time I tried to grow out my hair (# years ago) I managed to grow my bangs just long enough that I could add a few tape-in extensions. I thought the longer extension bangs might be just what I needed to make it through the inevitably awkward pixie grow out phase. And thennnn… I shaved my head. What can I say? Short hair just worked for me.

So what finally changed my mind and set me on the determined path to grow out my hair? Children. More specifically, the hair loss I experienced after the birth of my two children. Hair loss affects many women after giving birth and it hit me hard. In order to make up for my thinning temples I began to grow out my hair. As soon as it was long enough I decided to try Halo Extensions. HaloCouture Hair Extensions are a removable extension method that add volume and can also be used for a bit of added length.

Natural Beaded Hair Extensions?

Sign me up!
Because my hair is naturally thick I had to wear two halos, which allowed me to pull them up higher on the sides, filling in the thinning spaces. And thus the addiction was born. Over the course of a few months I went from being addicted to my halos and wearing them every single day to getting even longer halos until finally I went to my first Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extension Course.

The rest, as they say, is history… NBR was the first method I learned in all 10 years of extensions that had the perfect combination of features that fit my hair type and lifestyle. I could order the extensions curly, they could be tossed up in a top knot, and they could accommodate the thickness of my natural hair.

hair extension specialist

I was completely blown away by the variety of lengths and textures that NBR offered. I started off with three rows (supposedly the “limit” to how many rows you can have), and at first I didn’t really want a ton of length… just all of the volume. It only took a couple of weeks for me to add a forth row, and when it was time for me to get my new set… I was ready to add all of the length in addition to the volume. My hair has just gotten longer and longer since and it is now by far the longest it has ever been.

hair extension specialist

Having the opportunity to finally experience extensions for myself has only strengthened my passion for the solutions they can offer women with hair loss, thinning hair, and other hair concerns. I love being able to speak not just from years of extensive training, but also from personal experience.

If you’ve been thinking that extensions weren’t for you or couldn’t accommodate your hair type or lifestyle… we have got to talk. I would love to find out how i can help you fall back in love with your hair and look just like I did when I tried NBR.

What are you waiting for…. call me!

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