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My Fitness Journey Update 💪

A couple of months ago I told you all about my 80 Day Obsession and how IN LOVE with it I was. I couldn’t wait to show you my final results and tell you all about the full process. Wellll, I have to confess… I won’t be able to do that. Instead, I have something even better to share. Let’s back up.

A few months ago when I was midway through the 80 Day Workout, I had a work trip to Laguna. I did alright working out a little while I was gone, but by the time I got back and ready to jump back into my workout it had been almost 2 weeks. I debated whether I should just pick back up with day 50 or if I really should honestly start back at day 1 all over again. It just so happened that as I was returning and trying to figure this out, my business coaching program issued a new 30 day challenge. Each challenge features one of four categories: body, being, balance, and business. This time they chose body.



The 30 day challenge gave us one week to really dig deep and evaluate where we were at and where we wanted to be and to then come up with a schedule. When I asked myself what I really wanted out of my fitness journey, I realized that while I was seeing some results from my 80 Day program, I wasn’t seeing the specific results that I wanted most. I decided to reach out to an old fitness trainer I used to work with to talk about personal training. I did one session with him and loved it so much I signed up that day.

I have been going twice a week for about two months now with at-home workouts in between and I have seen a huge difference. In fact, I saw more of a difference in the first two weeks than I did in the entire 49 days of my 80 day obsession. I realized pretty quickly that just working out consistently doesn’t always give you the results you want—it was the customized workout created by my professional trainer that was able to kickstart my results. It got me thinking about customized services, and how much more effective they can be.



When it comes to hair extensions, I’ve always been obsessed with a flawless blend, and there’s no way to achieve that without customization. That’s also one of the reasons why I’m so in love with NBR Extensions… they are completely customizable. And I’ve found through my experience with not just extensions, but utilizing other customizable services and programs that when customization is involved it targets more of your specific needs, focuses on your specific goals, and achieves optimal results.

Just like I became addicted to my extensions once they were completely customized for my hair texture and color, I’m addicted to my new workout regimen. I am learning how to workout to target specific fitness goals, and how much more can be achieved because I’m working alongside an expert. To keep following along on my fitness journey, check out my insta-stories at

Have you guys started any new transformations physically or mentally? Sound off below!

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