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My Fashionable Faves ❤️

Fashionable Faves

I’ve always loved the idea of being both chic and casual at the same time. As a hairstylist my fashion has always had to have a bit of functionality as well, and my style has evolved accordingly. Now, as a mom to two toddlers, I find myself loving more and more fashion that is about comfort and ease while still looking great and making me feel good wearing it.

Hair Extension Specialist

fashionable faves

Over the years I have come to rely on a handful of stores for their consistent quality, and my connection to their evolving styles.

If I’m spending time shopping in the area, chances are you can find me in Anthropologie or Madewell, and if I’m online shopping (because let’s be real, we don’t always have time to shop in stores, and online shopping is an amazing invention) I’m most likely scrolling through Zara or Free People.

Fashionable Faves

All of my favorite stores share a few things in common: amazing textures, high quality construction (which is more important than you’d think), and that perfect mix of beautiful pieces that are both comfortable and fashion-forward. I love being able to create an outfit that is put-together and fashionable, while still being comfortable to wear all day while I’m on my feet painting hair and stitching extensions.

Fashionable Faves

The final piece to my fashion obsession is a bit of a confession. I have to admit.. I have quite the accessory addiction… hats, bags, jewelry, etc. I love them all. Using accessories to create the final touches to each outfit allows me to dress up and spice up my outfits in small, easy ways. One of the reasons I love comfort chic and put-together casual is because it’s a style that’s accessible to everyone. No matter if you’re a stay at home mom or a business woman, you can embrace the trend of looking good and feeling good at the same time.

fashionable faves

fashionable faves

A Few of My Fashionable Faves

If you’re still not certain how to achieve the trend yourself, check out some of my inspiration photos below. I’ve also linked some of my favorite pieces for you.

fashionable fave Anthropologie
fashionable fave mule
fashionable faves
madewell fashionable fave
madewell fashionable fave

Share some of your faves below.

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