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My 22″ Life

nbr hair extensions

nbr hair extensions

Never did I ever think I would join the 22” Club. You all know that for most of the time I’ve offered extensions as a service, I’ve had a pixie… and even when I started wearing extensions I started off with a lob. It’s grown ever longer, but I really thought I would try these 22s for a few days and then cut them back to my previous length. Man was I wronggg. I am absolutely ADORING my 22” life. To the point where I keep asking myself why I haven’t been wearing this length all along.

Which actually got me thinking about a phenomenon that I see over and over with women receiving their very first set of extensions. When our hair grows naturally, we see ourselves every day and the change is so gradual, we never really notice because our brain just adapts as it grows. On the other hand, when we get extensions, sometimes it’s a huge shock to our brain to accept that we look SO different in the span of just a few hours. I’ve had several women call the salon the day after receiving their extensions asking if they can come back to have more hair cut off because it’s just too much. And I completely know where they’re coming from. The first couple of days I definitely thought about cutting my hair a little bit, but after that initial shock passed I was fully smitten.

nbr hair extensions

Things I didn’t expect about my hair being literally waist-length:

• I feel UH-MAY-ZING. Like I can’t get enough of my hair.
• It’s WAY easier to style. How?? I can braid it at night and then just unravel it in the morning and it looks perfect, and when I do style it, the style lasts for daysss.
• My braid is still LONG af. Typically even when you have long hair when you braid it it becomes much shorter. Not with 22” hair.
• It’s less maintenance due to having to style it less aka time saver!
• The different ways I can style my hair are now ENDLESS.

Because of the initial shock experience, and the fact that there IS a learning curve with styling longer, thicker hair I often encourage women to wait the two weeks until our complimentary follow up appointment before making any permanent adjustments. If, at that time, they still want their hair cut we will cut it then, but 9 times out of 10 I’ve found that any thought of trimming their new hair has completely vanished and they are now just as in love as I am now with mine.

Achieving your goal look is an amazing feeling, and that’s just one more thing I love about extensions. Your goal look can change as you do, and you can change your hair right along with it. Six months ago I wasn’t ready for 22” hair, but now it’s EVERYTHING. And even though right now I’m feeling like I want to have mermaid hair FOREVER, if I change my mind another 6 months from now, with NBR it’s an easy fix to cut my hair or order a shorter length. The versatility of extensions will never cease to be one of my favorite aspects of working in this niche of the industry.

If you’re intrigued by the possibilites of my new obsession and want to join the 22” club, visit to get started!

nbr hair extensions

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