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NBR Hair Extensions Trainer

Music is My WHOLE Mood 🎵

I just had to let you all in on a little secret about me… Music is my WHOLE mood. I am such a creature of vibes and music and need it playing pretty much all the time. If the playlist at the salon stops for more than 5 seconds it completely throws me into a tailspind. It’s that serious.

NBR Hair Extensions Trainer

That said, I have been working on a playlist for a while now that I wanted to send out to all of you. Music is such a big deal for me so I wanted to share this personally curated list.

At Garnish, we often talk about having all five senses met when you experience our space. One of the things that’s a really big deal is our playlist. It’s our sense of sound. It really does help me get into a good flow when creating beautiful works of hair. And it’s SO hard to find a good solid playlist that you can play for hours and hours. If you’re a salon owner, hopefully this can help you!

One of my friends started making this playlist originally and I completely fell in love with it. it’s just full of good vibes and great music. The end of it mayyy have a couple of songs that have some dirty words, but nothing you can’t play if you’re cool with that or you could take out those songs to make it your own.

Check it out here!

If you download and play this list in your salon, I would love to hear about it. Shoot me a message or send me a DM on instagram.

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