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Microblading + Me

Hair Extension Specialist

In the current beauty industry brows are EVERYTHING.

Enter Microblading…

A makeup look isn’t complete without perfectly arched, filled-in brows. So if your natural brows are anything like mine, your makeup routine includes lining and filling your brows Every. Single. Morning.

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of mircrobladed brows for years, and a few months ago I decided I was finally ready to do it. I started by researching the various practicitioners in the Raleigh area. I attended three different consultations before choosing my artist.

As a hair stylist, I have a bit more knowledge than the average person regarding color matching and more, and every artist I met with wanted to color my brows to match my “natural” hair… a color my hair has not been in many years, and a color that would certainly not match my actual hair color.

Knowing that I did not intend to change my hair color in the next few years, I was certain I wanted my brows color matched to my current color rather than my natural. My search continued until I found J.

The microblading process.

Microblading began a little over two decades ago in Asia and while it has always been a form of tiny incisions in the skin that ink is then inserted into, the process has evolved over the years to become healthier for the skin, and to produce a more natural look.

Microblading is NOT the same as eyebrow tattooing, as microbladed brows are semi-permanent, a more natural look, and retain their color over time. Tattooed brows can blur, change color, and are a more painful process for a less natural look. With microblading’s increased popularity, the techniques have continued to improve over time.

Leading up to my appointment I was excited, but still a liiitle nervous. I’ve been tattooed, so I wasn’t afraid of the process, but the fact that it was.. y’know.. the middle of my face left a little room for anxiety.

As I drove there my brain just kept going through, “I hope to God they’re not too dark.. black abyss.. elvira..” and all other thoughts about walking away with two black arches inked on my forehead.

But, alas… I walked away with a slightly deeper shade, that was still livable and actually really pretty🤷🏽‍♀️🙌

Janice made it very easy to relax once we got started, and asked me questions all throughout my entire process. She also took the time to show me what she had in mind before she did anything to make sure that we were on the same page.

It was a super smooth process that I would recommend to anyone who wants to widdle down on their morning routine time. Now, it takes me less than a minute to freshen up my brows with a little highlighter underneath to make them pop!

I documented as much as I could throughout my process above, so make sure to click play and check out my video. Have you considered microblading? What other beauty appointments have you enjoyed recently? Sound off below.

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