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Meal Prep + Routines Work


When it comes to being healthy, we all know there are two main categories—what you eat, and how you exercise. Typically, I have a pretty good routine for both, but I got knocked off my game recently and it led to me having a pretty huge realization. What is this miraculous new knowledge? All the little things that comprise my routine actually turn out to be what makes the biggest impact on my daily health and wellbeing. It’s not groundbreaking information per se, but when you really truly understand the value of each individual part contributing to the results as a whole, it hits home.

As you may know, I’ve been doing a ton of traveling recently. Traveling always seems to derail my routine on some level, but this particular trip was a little extra whirlwindy with arranging childcare, attending two back-to-back trainings, and then my traumatic flight home (if you haven’t heard that story, it can be summed up as small airplane, big hurricane), which all led to me arriving back into regular daily life completely out of sorts.

Particularly the few days after I returned home I felt like I was in a bit of a fog and clearly wasn’t myself. I wasn’t doing my usual workouts, I wasn’t meditating or journaling, and I certainly wasn’t meal prepping. I started to realize that my day-to-day was being impacted through these choices. My energy level, processing speed, and mood were all affected, and I realized that particularly the nutrition that comes from meal-prepping was completely lacking. I even started to feel faint at work when I wasn’t eating enough or properly throughout the day.

It took about a week of that for me to recognize that I needed to take it back to ground zero and really start over on getting back into my routine. Now, let me be real with you. Even on a good day, I don’t necessarily LOVE my routine. I don’t LOVE getting up at 5 am to workout, I don’t LOVE spending two hours cooking when I don’t enjoy cooking at all, and I don’t LOVE having to force myself to do all of these things. What I DO love is the results. And that’s what makes it all worth it.

So, in order to regain control, I set aside an entire day to get back on track. This past Sunday I worked out—really worked out hard—for the first time since before my trip. I grocery shopped and spent a couple of hours prepping, cooking, and dividing up my meals for the week. And then I set aside the last hour of my day to read, journal, or meditate.

Doing all of this was not only the first step to getting back into my daily routine, but it also helped set me up for success throughout my entire week. It really is the little things that add up to create the structure, balance, and dedication that lead to success.

If you’re the type of person who gets a bit overwhelmed at the “big” goals, then hopefully this adds a bit of stress relief as well. When you know that you can make one tiny change, then eventually another, and another, that will add up to big results it can feel less daunting or impossible to accomplish.

When it comes to nutrition, meal prepping is key. And when it comes to your daily mental wellbeing, all the small steps you can take will really make a difference. So pick up that journal, download the Calm app, and start a new book. And know that even if you fall out of the routine, you can always start again the next day!

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