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Maxis & Sneaks

You may or may not know this, but I have a hair/fashion/pretty much everything idol and I have to tell you all… I am officially ON-TREND with Tracee Ellis Ross. When I saw her post this week about the same fashion trend I’m currently OBSESSED with I’m not gonna lie, I fangirled a little. What is this amazing new fashion addiction?

Sneakers. That’s right. SNEAKERS. Particularly when paired with long flowy dresses and cute jumpsuits and other such chic summery outfits. I started seeing cute sneaks around more and more, and it quickly became apparent that a new level of sneaker—Couture Sneakers—was becoming a trend. As someone who works on their feet all day every day I LOVE that comfortable shoes have become the current trend. Even more than that I love that they can still look classy and chic paired with the right outfit.

My favorite pairing for my new sneakers is definitely flowy maxi dresses and it’s pretty much life-changing. NO waistband aka COMFORT plus squishy insoles aka COMFORT.. there has never been a cuter comfy trend. It’s pretty much all I’ve been wearing so far this summer.

Trend twist—if you’re just not as in to sneakers as I am or if you want the same look dressed up just a bit more, try a pair of boots instead. You all know I’ve been obsessed with my white boots this summer and they look amaze paired with a flowy dress as well. Check out some of my favorite combos below, and for daily fashion inspo make sure you’re following my insta story!

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