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Manifest It: Garnish’s New Stylist

I’m a big believer in the universe.

By that I mean that I definitely believe things happen for a reason, and that what you put out will come back to you in some way. Because of this, I am a firm believer in vision statements. I have used vision statements as a way to create what I’ve needed in my life, and every time they have each worked in their own way. When I first had Kingston, I sat down and wrote a vision statement for what I wanted in the person that would take care of my children while I worked.

There were a lot of things I knew I needed in the person that would care for my littles, so I put a lot of thought into it and wrote everything out. Not long after, one of my best friends moved back to North Carolina and became my live-in best friend/childcare provider. She was the perfect fulfillment of my vision statement.

Each time I bring a new team member into Garnish, I write a vision statement for what I want that person to bring to the team. I find that this gives me clarity when reviewing applications and interviewing people, that really helps in finding the right people to work in my space. When I write a vision statement I am super detailed about what I want, and so far it has always worked in some way. I wanted to share my current vision for our open chair at Garnish. I strongly believe in putting things into the universe, and sharing this vision statement is just one more way to reach the person meant to read it and join my team.

“My new stylist is an amazing addition to my already established team. They bring an air of positivity and charisma into the studio along with a client book that is already at least 50% productive. They were drawn to garnish because of the culture, direction of growth, and great reputation!

They are passionate about being behind the chair and growing their business smarter, not harder! They are intrigued by the world of advanced color and hair extensions and cannot wait to learn more about both. They pick up quickly, and work hard to make sure that they are always pouring energy into perfecting their craft and artistry.

They have respect for the business, and how much work goes into making sure it is run effectively. Along with that, they know that change is a part of business, and try their best to roll with the punches. They have an optimistic perspective, and are easy to talk to and coach. They are open to all of the inspiring champions concepts and systems, and are eager to attend a champ camp within their 1st year of hire.

There is no ego to deal with even though they are an amazing artist and super talented. They are loyal and trustworthy along with being a super hard worker. They are super motivated and fearless when it comes to diving deeper into their career and doing some things that might seem a little unconventional. One word to describe our new stylist would be overachiever! They are never entitled or looking for someone to do the work for them.

They possess an amazing confidence level and are very self-aware and open to learning through their mistakes. They are also timely and show up to work looking like 1 million bucks.

They are balanced within their life which carves out space to be forward focused and easy to work with. They have a solution focused mindset and I never question their overall level of integrity. They also have reliable transportation to work and come ready to conquer the day! They have strong leadership potential and is a super hard worker. They take their time in between clients and prior to work to map out their day and look for ways to grow their business. Amongst all of these great business characteristics, they vibe with our salon culture and know how to have fun and talk a little shit, without taking anything personal 💁🏽

One of my favorite things about our new stylist is how motivated they are to change their life through the art of hair. We are super lucky to have found them and can’t see having anyone else on our team but them!”

What are you manifesting?

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