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Lived-in Hair Extensions (Welcome to the Dirty Hair Club)

Hair Extension Specialist

Hair Extension Specialist

When you’re a mom, business owner, and wife with very little time to spare the best possible trend to arrive is “lived-in” hair.  I’ve been in love with this trend since it began, and if you’ve embraced it like I have you know why.  Lived-in hair can refer to the color or style, but most often it’s the casual waves or undone braids that are naturally a product of being a get-up-and-go type of gal.

hair extension specialist

Hair Extension Specialist

If you want to read more about the specific types of “lived-in” hair, we recently blogged about it on Garnish’s blog.

Today I want to talk about a specific avenue of lived-in hair—how to achieve the look with hair extensions.

Queen of the Dirty Hair Club

I’ve mentioned before that I’m Queen of the Dirty Hair Club… I typically only wash my hair every week to week and a half.  Do you see why I’m obsessed with “lived-in” hair?  My hair would be lived-in whether it was on trend or not.  Because extension hair holds it’s wave better than some natural hair, extensions naturally lend themselves to this lived in look.  I curl my hair on day one (and comb it to achieve the soft waves characteristic of lived in hair), then day two and three my waves are perfectly lived-in.  Sometimes I throw it into a messy braid, another hallmark of lived-in hair.

For someone whose natural hair is finer and/or thinner, and doesn’t hold a wave, sometimes extensions can be the only avenue to achieving the lived-in look.  Mary has been a hair extension guest of mine for a couple of years now, and we started with just adding some hair to fill in skinny ends.  Like me, Mary fell in love with the lived-in hair look, and during her last visit we amped up her hair extensions to achieve her goal style.  Check out her before and after pictures to see what we were able to achieve using.  That’s the other thing I love about lived-in hair and extensions.  It works with pretty much any hair extension method because all extension hair holds that beautiful wave.

Hair Extensions don’t always have to be just for length or volume…they can be utilized to achieve a goal style as well, whether it’s for a special event such as your wedding hair or just every day life like Mary’s lived-in hair goals.  When you see a trend and fall in love with the look, not being able to participate due to your natural hair not cooperating can be frustrating and even depressing.

I love being able to utilize hair extensions to help a woman create a look she’s dying to have. If you’re as in love with lived-in hair as Mary and I, and your hair needs a little extra oomph to achieve the look, I would love to help you reach your hair goals through extensions.

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