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KNOW Tribe

The KNOW Tribe 😍

I want to share some exciting news with you all! I am pumped to have been nominated as a member of the KNOW Tribe. I had heard about and seen this particular book floating around Raleigh for years. I would always pick it up and thumb through it thinking that it’s such a cool concept and collaboration.

The KNOW Tribe

These are the women you need to know—all leaders in their industry. I’ve always loved the idea of networking and connecting with a tribe like this, but between owning my business, having kids, traveling, and teaching, I haven’t had a ton of available time or space.

The KNOW Tribe

You’re only able to join the KNOW Tribe through being nominated by a current member, and I’m honored to have been nominated by my good friend and photographer, Amber, of Images by Amber Robinson. The criteria that they look for is someone paving the way and acting as a trendsetter in their particular industry.

Once you’ve been nominated and you decide that you want to move forward, they invite you into their Tribe. I’ve been to two functions so far and have met a lot of different women at the top of their game inside of their industry. The network spans pretty much every field you can think of from realtors to photographers to chefs to estheticians. I feel really overwhelmed with gratitude for Amber for having connected me to this group.

The KNOW Tribe

Being a new member myself also provided me the ability to nominate my good friend who has worked in my business for so long—my Business Girl Friday, Sahar. KNOW spans nationwide and is all about collaboration over competition. I love that there are so many KNOW tribes throughout the country and we are all connected. They seek out new businesses every year that are branching out and making waves.

The KNOW Tribe

You have to stay competitive, productive, trending, and a leader in your industry to stay a part of the tribe. I have always had the best intentions to network, but it’s always so hard to find time. I also want to make sure that the people I’m around and network with are like-minded. KNOW is such a cool organization to be a part of and provides exactly that.

The KNOW Tribe

The book will be launching this week. I will have some copies in the studio at Garnish where you’ll be able to view our 2 page spread. I’m super stoked about being a part of the book and can’t wait to continue growing my network through the KNOW Tribe.

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