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Holiday Traditions + Turn Ups

If you polled your family and friends, I guarantee their favorite part of the holidays is probably some kind of tradition. I love hearing about everyone’s different traditions with their families as it tells so much about family history and what we each value.

I wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite holiday traditions, and would love to hear from you about yours!

My first Christmas tradition that I love is our annual new Christmas Jammies. My mom always gifts Dustin and I and the littles a new set of PJs that we wear Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning. Most of the time they’re onesies that we need to wiggle into, but we all love the tradition.

Another favorite holiday tradition is my Christmas beverage of choice—Eggnog. I LOOOVE Eggnog, particularly of the spiked variety and I always make a point to enjoy a glass or two during the holiday season. I would share my recipe, but I’ll be honest… I’m a wing-it kinda gal when it comes to making drinks. I just mix up some eggnog and rum to taste and add a sprinkle of nutmeg on top. Eggnog is one of those drinks that is super simple and can be made as mild or strong as you prefer, which makes it the perfect holiday drink.

Finally, my FAVORITE Christmas tradition is the annual holiday party that I host with my best friend, Andrea. It all started seven years ago when we were sharing an apartment together and decided that we wanted to have all of our friends get together a couple of weeks before Christmas. When you’re grown and living apart from your parents, but don’t yet have kids, the holidays feel a little different.

You probably still go to your parents’ house on Christmas day, but it doesn’t have quite the same hype as when you were a child yourself, or when you have your own children. It was during that time that Andrea and I decided to start the tradition of celebrating with the friends who are basically family. Each year has grown and grown, and when we reached around 40 guests, the party officially became known as the “Holiday Turn-Up.”

This year was the 7th annual Turn-Up and as always, I loved celebrating the season with my friends.

Holiday traditions are so special to each person, and I love that this time of year brings such joy to so many people. I would love to hear all about your own traditions, and the parts of the holiday season that you love so much.

Drop a comment below and tell me all about them! Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday and peaceful rest of the year!

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