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Hair Extensions, Meet The Girl Around Town

hair extensions

hair extensions

Hair Extensions for Every Girl in Town

In the past couple of years, I have seen an ongoing trend of everyday women looking for ways to update their look in a fresh, sexy, and modern way. Long gone are the days of wanting to leave the salon with a polished and set “style”, or color that looks as though you just had it done days before.

Right now it’s all about giving off lived in hair vibes. Hair that looks so sun kissed and carefree, it invokes major #hairenvy when that chick walks by at the mall. You think, “Damn, she probably has that naturally…” Welllllllllllll, she doesn’t.

This is the part where I come in. πŸ€ΈπŸ½β€β™€οΈ My specialty lies within the art of extensions. Particularly in blending that beautiful lived in hair color seamlessly into extensions. I pride myself on being able to apply extensions in such a way that it brings out the exact hues and beautiful shapes that translate into those effortless looks. I have been trained on over a dozen methods in the last 15 years, and want your experience to be just as smooth as your new look. 😎 Extensions have a bad reputation for taking all day and being hard to “deal” with. That is the old, outdated way of applying extensions.. almost all of the methods I utilize now take less than a few hours to apply.

I also devote so much attention to detail in matching the color, texture, and density, that styling and working with them is easy breezy. You should be able to go through your normal hair care routine without making huge adjustments. I’ve even been told by some of my clients that they have forgotten that they are in after wearing them for even just a few weeks.

Point is, extensions don’t have to be fussy and overdone. They should be a positive, confidence boosting addition to your effortless look. Take a look at some of my latest transformations, and let me know if you’d be able to tell that they were rocking additions. 😌

To come in and explore the possibilities with me, click here.

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