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Hair Adventures with CM: Garnish Takes New York

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Last week I told you all about my education overwhelm, and all of my March trips. This week I wanted to share my experience during the first of my three adventures: the International Beauty Show in New York.

First of all, can we just take a moment for getting the opportunity to travel with my ENTIRE team to New York City?! How many salon owners can say that when their salon travels as a team, every stylist, assistant, receptionist, and even the numbers guru comes with.

I am immensely proud of the fact that we are able to bring each member of the team with us, and that my entire team travels well together. Second, attending one of the biggest hair shows in the country was energizing on its own, but what I learned and took away from the show was incredible.

hair extensions

If you’re not familiar with hair shows, they are a combination of educational classes, platform artists doing cut and color demonstrations, and a variety of brands showcasing their products in a marketplace type setting. The energy is amazing and inspiring and as an education junkie I just love it.

This particular hairshow included classes on everything from technical cuts and colors to trichology to social media to leadership, which made it ideal for my entire team. Because we travel as a group once a year, I always ensure that the team trip is something that everyone can gain insight from. It’s also great to be able to learn new ideas that we can bring back to the studio together rather than just me bringing the ideas back to them.

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What struck me the most is something that rang true for both myself and my team. As we sat in classes, soaking in new knowledge, we also experienced a sense of validation. So many of the professionals teaching the courses spoke about things that we at Garnish are already doing.

Focusing on cultivating an amazing guest experience, creating a culture of gratitude within the studio, staying at the forefront of the industry in terms of technique, and focusing on the health of the hair are just a few of the things that they mentioned that we put a lot of emphasis on at Garnish. Despite the fact that the classes were taught by different stylists from different backgrounds, these same themes ran through much of the education.

Finally, one of my favorite aspects of any hair-related event is seeing successful industry professionals giving back in various ways. Whether it’s as educators or coordinators or platform artists, it’s incredible to see fellow stylists so on fire with passion for their craft.

hair extensions

It always inspires me to want to both level up my own craft and to give back to the industry in my own way. As a mentor now to two apprentices it’s so important to me to be a part of the next generation of stylists.

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