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Hair Adventures with CM: Funnel Hackers? What are those?

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Hair Educational Adventure: Episode #2

The Funnelhackers Live convention

Mann, it was an intense four days of learning, growth, and inspiration. There were over 3,000 attendees to the event, which included everyone from entrepreneurs like myself with an established business, to entrepreneurs who were just starting out, to self-made millionaires who are dominating their fields. There were creatives, techies, business people, just about every type of person you could imagine made up the audience and speakers of this event.

That fact alone—that this convention appealed to and could help people from all avenues of business and at different steps in their business growth—was incredibly inspiring.

Okay, so if you’re wondering…WHAT THE HECK EVEN IS A FUNNEL?! I was wondering the same thing late last year when my mentor Garrett White introduced me to the concept. I didn’t really understand what they were OR what they could do for my business. Essentially, the funnel is how you reach out into the world of the internet (most often on social media these days) and draw people into your business.

It’s a way to connect with an audience who might not have just stumbled across your website organically. By reaching for a wider audience, it provides the opportunity to connect with exactly the women I want to transform with hair extensions without needing to know who they are yet or without them needing to know exactly what Garnish is.

For Garnish, I’m in the process of creating informational videos about the extension process and some of the end results that can be achieved. By promoting these videos, I’ll be able to reach women who might not know Garnish exists or even that hair solutions exist for their needs. I love the idea that by just sharing some videos about what I do, I may be able to help connect with women that are looking for a hair transformation and don’t even know it yet.

What I loved so much about the convention was getting to experience so many successful entrepreneurs talking about their passion for their industry. The energy and atmosphere of thousands of people all talking about taking their business to the next level, growth, and motivation really inspired me to think about my own business’s growth a little differently. I also got to attend alongside my good friend, Nicole, who has her own real estate business. Attending with a fellow entrepreneur just enriched the entire experience because we were able to compare notes, and discuss everything we were learning from two different points of view. We were both able to gain so much more leading to even more learning and growth.

I also had the opportunity to see two amazing things during the convention. First, I got to see my mentor, Garrett White, receive two different awards honoring his successes in business. Second, I got to listen to THE Tony Robbins speak live on stage. Being a part of the event that honored someone from whom I have gained so much knowledge and insight definitely felt like a privilege.

My business has grown and changed under his influence, and it was great to see him recognized for how he has grown and changed his own business and the lives he has impacted through doing so. And then of course, TONY ROBBINS. As a growth/inspiration/mindset junkie… Tony Robbins is like the guru of my life. Hearing him speak in person was definitely everything I ever hoped it would be.

This convention was supposedly all about funnels and how they can change your business, but my biggest takeaways were the insight and inspiration I gained from listening to so many successful entrepreneurs. Being in a crowd of people all working to level up their businesses and lives automatically inspired me to want to do the same (even more than I already was). Stay tuned for the culmination of my March Madness as next week I explain how my experience at Funnelhackers led directly into my learning at my business bootcamp in Laguna.

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