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Hair Adventures with Candice: Episode 3 ✨

It probably seems like Laguna Beach is becoming my second home, and in a way it feels like it is. I’m completely addicted to delving even deeper and learning even more about Natural Beaded Rows Extensions along with elevating my business. This particular trip focused solely on that second part… it was dedicated specifically to evaluating my business in detail alongside my coaches.

This trip was the third and final part of my “sabbatical” that took place throughout March and it ended up being the perfect culmination of everything I had learned throughout the month along with everything I’ve been learning throughout the past year since my first class with Big Money Stylist/NBR Extensions.

When you’re both the owner of your business and one of the “employees” inside of the business, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day without taking the time to really evaluate the big picture. I like to think I’m pretty good at balancing the daily “working in the salon” with the overall “working on my business” but this intensive course was an incredible in-depth look at the big picture of my business and it was a little bit eye-opening. In just about four years my business has gone from being a plan on paper to a real life business in a physical space.

We have grown exponentially which means that challenges have shown up that I never would have anticipated. It also means we have hit goals and created a momentum that also could never have been anticipated. When I realized that in a relatively short amount of time I had reached a point where I could look around and feel great about the business I had created, I knew that meant something else… It was time to take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

I’ll be honest… coming to that realization felt both great and scary because I had no idea what that meant for myself or Garnish. Sitting down with my business coach, Garrett White, I was able to re-evaluate my goals for my business. We began to have a conversation about LEGACY… talking about Walt Disney and Steve Jobs at Apple, and how they created not just a thriving business, but a business that took on a life of its own and continues to thrive despite them being gone. The concept of creating a legacy resonated with me so deeply, particularly alongside how strongly I believe in giving back within my industry.

It occurred to me that within Garnish now I am the heartbeat of the business. And while that sounds nice, it also means that my business doesn’t thrive in the exact same way when I am not there. I want Garnish to have the same pulse even when I’m not in the building.

To better evaluate where my business is at and where I want it to go, Garrett had me do an exercise that consisted of thinking about and talking about Garnish as if it were an actual person. I had to describe “her” in detail… Garnish has a strong sense of culture, she is caring, hard working, and she has high standards. She can be a bit mouthy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thinking about my business as if it were an actual person helped put different aspects of where we’re at currently versus where we want to be in perspective.

Spending time with my entire team at one of the biggest beauty shows on the east coast, learning all about funnels, growth, and entrepreneurship in Orlando, and taking an in-depth look at the details of my business all came together to inform and mold my vision for the future of Garnish. I am looking forward to implementing what I’ve learned, and truly making my space even better for everyone involved in my business.

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My March business sabbatical has left me energized and committed to continuing our momentum of growth and moving even further onwards and upwards!

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