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Garnish Hair Studio + Extension Bar Superlatives

Garnish Superlatives

I love my Garnish Framily!

Allow me a bit of a humble brag for a moment and let me tell you… my team is pretty fantastic. If you’ve been following the blog for a while you heard all about the Garnish “Framily” Friendsgiving at the beginning of November.

Friendsgiving kicked off our annual “grind time” and from then until the new year we worked our booties off. Because the holidays are so crazy, we hold our annual holiday dinner in January each year.

This year I decided to do something a little extra special for my team. 2017 brought tons of challenges and growth, and I wanted a way to recognize each of their contributions to the team. And of course, because it’s Garnish, it was also a lot of fun.

Every one of my team members has displayed incredible commitment to growing both their craft and themselves, along with selfless care for their fellow team members, and a standard of excellence with their guests that makes me proud they are the representatives of my business.

Considering everything they accomplished over the last year as both individuals and a team, I felt that I needed to honor that by creating something special for each of them.

Presenting the 2017 Garnish Superlatives…

Christine – The Striving For Excellence Award | Always committed to giving your guests and team your best, along with always striving to outdo yourself. Your commitment to excellence is something that everyone can see and you have become well know as a wealth of information inside of your craft”

Niko – The Go All In, What’s A Comfort Zone Award | Ever Since you joined our team in 2015, you have continued to push yourself outside of your comfort zone for the betterment of your artistry, and your overall lifestyle. Your willingness to do any and everything to grow will continue to produce exceptional work and outstanding results

Tish -The Salon Mom and Level Up Award | Not every workplace is lucky enough to have a salon mom that gives heart to hearts, different perspectives, and “support”. You have taken your career to new heights here at Garnish which required you to level up your own personal standard. Amazing accomplishment and beautiful consistent workmanship.

Yata – The Leading From the Heart Award | Every step that you take, and move you make inside of Garnish comes directly from the heart. You are constantly showing us how much you care through your actions, have come to know you through your saying of,”people don’t know how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Our clients and team are lucky to have such a caring spirit amongst us in our day to day

Kassy – The Commitment and Dedication Award | Your level of commitment to the Garnish Culture and philosophy is undeniable. Your dedication to our entire team and all of our clients shines through your willingness and whatever it takes attitude. We are honored to have you managing the front, dressing up our visuals and taking a leadership role on inside of this industry to create the change you want to see across the board.

Arianna – The Team Appreciation “Framily” Award | The level of which you appreciate your Garnish framily always hits us in our heart strings. It’s not every day that you meet somebody that is so committed on such a deep level to absorbing the culture and thinking about their coworkers as extended family.

Reece – Most Team Spirit Award | Since the very first day that you shadowed your team spirit has been contagious! You were exactly what we needed and didn’t even know it until we were smitten by your infectious laugh and beautiful energy. You make our little tribe complete and bring us closer together unknowingly. You are a bright shining star

Jenell – The Extended Family And Graphic Slayage Award” | The way you continue to pump out amazing visuals time and time again for the last 5 years is more than impressive.. it’s love. You can tell through your designs that you have Garnish’s best interest in mind and want to help us display that through your art. You are more than just our design center, you are an extension of our culture and we love how you help us to show the rest of the world what the G-spot is all about!

Sahar – The Glue That Holds Us Together aka “Numbers” Award | Our business is 10 times stronger with you as our glue. You’re always right on time with your solutions and support the vision in such a way that you have become a resource for innovation inside of our salon. Your role is undescribable and your love for the business to succeed far outweighs just a title. You are garnish’s other half

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