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From Blonde to Bronde

From Blonde to Bronde: The subtle shift into deeper color

A couple of weeks ago I told you all about my favorite fall trends, and today I wanted to dive a little deeper into one of the color trends I mentioned. It’s been around for a couple of years now, but it’s become more and more popular and it’s easy to see why. BRONDE is the perfect blended goodness of brunette and blonde. It’s not dark enough to be considered brunette, but it’s also not light enough to still be considered blonde. It most often fades from a more brunette root into blonder ends.

I’m in love with this color trend for a few different reasons that I want to share with you all. First, and perhaps most importantly, bronde is typically less demanding on the hair making it generally healthier for the hair than blonde. It requires less bleach and lightening, which means it’s fairly gentle on the hair. It’s a great transitional color for women with over-processed blonde hair who are looking to keep some of their lightness, but have a healthier look to their hair.

Which brings me to another reason why I love bronde… changing up your color is always so fun. And with bronde, it’s the perfect in-between that allows some flexibility when it comes to changing your color again in the future. Especially with extensions which are created through blending different hair colors. More or less blonde or brunette can be added in to alter the tone or brightness of the bronde color. This color mix also adds subtle dimension, which actually makes your hair and extensions look fuller.

Adding some richness to the color, along with length and/or volume from extensions is a double win. We are able to make the new color in your natural hair really pop by placing extensions that pick up those same hues… it’s literally magical to see.

Finally, I love the way bronde can transform someone’s look entirely. Particularly the way it shifts your skin tone. Some blondes are monochromatic, so adding in hints of caramel or soft golden brown tones enriches things, which not only changes the appearance of your skin tone, but can even bring out eye color differently.

Overall, this trend creates stunning transformations and is the perfect look for fall.
Check out some photos of women who recently took the bronde plunge, and if you’re ready to add some bronde into your life, fill out an application at

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