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#FitnessFridays – My Journey

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It’s #FitnessFriday today, lovelies!

I want to talk with you about how tough it can be to get fit and stay fit. Okay, by show of hands, who here has seen a fit chick walking by at the mall or in the grocery store and thought (perhaps with a hint of resentment), “must be nice to be in such great shape…” or complained to your fit friend how “easy” she has it… You, too? Thought so.

If you’ve only just met me, you might not know that I’ve struggled with body image and shape for years just like most women. If you’ve been following me for a while on instagram, or have been a client at the salon then you know a little more… Namely, that just over three years ago I had two babies back to back (literally—one year apart), and we all know how physically impactful pregnancy and childbirth can be. Bouncing back from one pregnancy is a challenge by itself, but doing it twice within two years? Hard work would be an understatement.

Everyone knows that pregnancy and childbirth will change your body, but actually seeing it is an entirely different experience. I was shocked at my post-baby body, and immediately knew I needed to start the hard work to get my body back. I made a commitment to get into the best shape of my life. I lost 50 pounds after the birth of my first, Kingston, before the weight gain began again with my second, Houston. After Houston’s birth, I recommitted to my goal, and began an at-home fitness regimen. And I do mean REGIMEN. Working out before work, meal prepping, cutting out all drinks except water. You all know how I am with setting goals and achieving said goals—determination and commitment are everything, and I applied that towards my fitness 100%.

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Over the past three years since Houston’s birth I have tried half a dozen different at-home work out programs… I’ve done Shakeology… I’ve done tons of meal-prepping and tailoring my meals to meet my body’s needs. More than anything, I’ve stayed committed to that goal of being in the greatest shape of my life.

I’ve spent more 6:00 am hours than I can count cycling my ass off in my garage, and I’ve eaten more salmon salads than any one person probably should. Including the 50 pounds I lost after Kingston’s birth, I have lost over 100 pounds total in the past four years. That in itself is a substantial change to the body, and throughout the process of working out and building muscle, my body shape has changed as well.

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I tell you all of this to say that I KNOW just how hard it is to lose weight, and get into the shape that YOU desire. Just like anything else, I strongly believe in my goal setting process for actually making your goals a reality. I use the same structure for my fitness goals as I do for my personal and business goals. If you’re a new subscriber, you can read all about my goal-obsession in this post. (link to goal post) As I reach certain achievements, I alter my goals, and strive for something different.

Hair Extension Specialist

My newest venture has been adding weight lifting back into my routine in order to reach the muscle definition that I eventually hope to see. If you need help achieving your goals, or need a little inspiration—reach out! I am always willing to send a little encouragement or talk to you about the goal setting (and achieving!) process. And for all of you in the thick of trying to achieve your fitness goals—I see you, and I promise the hard work will be WORTH IT when you reach your health and fitness dreams!

Tell me some of your goals below! Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Candice Motley

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