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Fall Hair Highs

The temperature may still be in the 80s, but in my mind it’s already on to Fall Everything. It’s my favorite season—for the temps, the fashion, and the trends—and I wanted to share with you all the top three things that have me amped up for this fall season.

“Fall hair color” is a thing every year, and every time it plays right into all of my absolute faves. I also want to share with you the hair style I’m OBSESSED with for the season, and the dopest fall hair accessories.


First things first… it’s officially MY hair color season. Copper is EVERYWHERE and I love it. Pretty much every tone of red from golden coppers to deep rubies are a hit in the fall time, and as a longtime chosen redhead myself, it makes me happy to see more of these tones all around.

Chocolates and Brondes

My other fall color faves are rich chocolates and beautiful brondes. It’s the perfect time of year to go a little darker and both chocolate brown and bronde play right into that trend.

I also want to tell you about my newest favorite way to wear my hair. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this new trend like I have, but I LOVE the way it looks. Imagine beach waves, but slept on and combed out.

This look is essentially a slightly tousled, undone sort of wave that looks both effortless and chic. It’s perfect because it’s not quite straight, but not quite curls, and barely even waves. I also find that it works perfectly for a half up half down style or even in a high pony. I have a feeling this style is going to be everywhere this fall, and I am here for it.

Last, we need to talk about the fashion elephant in the room. Whether we ever thought it would happen or not… the 90s are back. To go along with all the 90s fashion that’s resurfacing, hair clips and barrettes are officially in again. I know, it seems crazy, but hair décor that you clip or “comb” into your hair is actually on trend right now. New York Fashion Week was full of 90s hair trends from barrettes to scrunchies to headbands and you just can’t argue with NYFW. I love the idea of clipping a barrette into the undone waves mentioned above.

All these fall trends have got me on a hair high and I can’t wait for the weather to catch up so I can start mixing my undone waves with sweaters and barrettes with scarves. To keep up with all of Garnish’s fall color and extension transformations, make sure you’re following us on Facebook or Insta, and to see my daily fall fashion looks check out my instastory each day.

Happy Pumpkin Spice season!

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