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Education Overload! Class is in Session

garnish hair education

I LOVE Education.

Especially Hair Education

I love to learn, I love to grow, I love to teach… pretty much everything about it. March has been all about education for myself and Garnish, and while I would typically say I can’t get enough of it… I have a confession. I’ve been feeling a bit of education overwhelm. You probably already know that at the beginning of March my team and I took a trip to NYC for the International Beauty Show.

Less than two weeks later (and where I am currently) I adventured to Orlando, FL for a business conference featuring funnels… more about those coming soon. And next (after just two days back in the salon), I’ll be back on a plane to Laguna for the first ever BMS Bootcamp.

If you’re wondering why I would plan so much happening back to back… wellll, I didn’t. It started with the salon planning our annual trip… months ago. It was just going to be two working days off at the beginning of the month—no big deal. Then I was invited to the Funnelhackers Convention and could NOT turn down the opportunity to learn something new AND get to listen to Tony Robbins live in the same week.

Taking a full week is more than I usually take at once, but I just knew it would be worth it. Because it was two weeks after NY, it was definitely still doable. Welp. Then BMS (the business program associated with NBR Extensions) announced an exclusive bootcamp for a select few stylists. We had to apply, go through an interview process, and then be selected. It was an incredible opportunity and even though the timing was less than ideal, I couldn’t pass it up.

All of this traveling and education has been super exciting particularly for all of the different opportunities. A chance to travel with my entire team to one of the biggest beauty shows in the country, a conference that will help me elevate my business and brand, and finally, being selected as one of only a handful of stylists in the country to be a part of the BMS bootcamp. But as amazing as it all has been (and continues to be) traveling this much hasn’t been without its challenges.

I miss my littles, and have had to do all kinds of “fun” scheduling tetris to make sure they’re taken care of while I’m gone. I had to completely rework my schedule to accommodate the clients who graciously rescheduled their visits to allow me to attend these events. You all already know that I’m a non-stop grind and hustle kinda gal, but this month has brought the hustle to a whole new level.

I think it’s important to recognize that even when great things are happening, we can still feel exhausted and overwhelmed. And just because something exciting is happening, doesn’t mean life stops challenging us in other avenues. I’ve had to recognize that putting this much energy into leveling up and taking in new knowledge means that when I get back, I need to take a moment to breathe and let life settle. I’m looking forward to taking time with my minis, spending time back in my studio space with my team and guests, and really absorbing everything I’ve learned so I can implement it and make all this stress (the good and the bad) completely worth it.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts on each one of my educational adventures—you all know I love to share what I’m learning with you. As always, to keep up on a daily basis…check out my Insta stories.

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