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Dyson Hair Diva

Over the seventeen years I’ve been a hairstylist I’ve used countless different tools. Hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons of all kinds. As you’d expect, some have been better than others, but it takes something special to really get me excited. And I’ll be honest… when I first bought my Dyson blow dryer I was NOT excited. It was nothing that I expected it to be.

First, I thought it was going to feel different. I expected some kind of amazing air flow and heat combination, but the air flow actually seemed so light I wasn’t sure it was going to make much difference. I will say, the physical lightness of the dryer was way easier on my muscles and actually helped reduce upper back pain.

But generally speaking, at first impression, I was kind of unimpressed. So much so that when one of my guests mentioned she was thinking about buying one, I told her to take mine home and try it out.

I almost died.

Dramatic, yes, but I didn’t realize how attached I had gotten to it. Which made me realize that it actually had been making a difference. After I got it back I began to notice what I hadn’t appreciated initially. First, it speeds up drying time significantly. Second, over time, it actually improves the feel of the hair—which is huge. And third, the air flow that I thought was just sort of meh was actually due to new technology that made it highly efficient. I was finally falling in love…

And then my Dyson unexpectedly broke. It was under warranty, so I ordered a replacement, but when I did so I realized that I had purchased the consumer version, when there’s actually a version designed just for professional use.

So of course I ordered the professional one and gave the other to my apprentices to share. The professional one has a slightly different shape and it’s more powerful as it’s designed to be used all day every day. And truly, it makes all the difference in the world.

It may have taken me about a month or so of use before I noticed the difference in the feel of the hair and really appreciated the other differences, but now that I get it—I couldn’t go back. It’s small and lightweight and yet it still produces more power than any other dryer I’ve used.

Particularly in terms of having NBR Extensions, the quicker drying time is life-changing. The price point may be on the high end of styling tools, but for me it’s been totally worth it.

Note: this blog post is in no way sponsored by or paid for by Dyson…I just really love my dryer.

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