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Under Construction with The Marigold Muse

Hair Extension Specialist

Driving through Raleigh, looking for somewhere new to shoot, my photographer and I spotted this construction site. Considering my flowy floral maxi dress, it seemed like the least appropriate place to capture this dress, so of course I fell in love.

I love the idea of unconventional beauty and finding beauty in the least likely of places. Never in a million years did I imagine posing for a fashion photoshoot in front of a giant John Deere bulldozer, but I’m obsessed with the way it turned out. The juxtaposition of two very different fields coming together to create something unique is such an appealing concept to the artist in me.

I try to find the lesson in even the simplest, smallest experiences. This shoot made me realize that what may seem like an obstacle or unconventional approach might turn out to be the most beautiful journey or an incredible work of art.

Working in the field of hair extensions and color corrections often means seeking a solution outside of the obvious, or being creative in the way I approach a transformation. I love the fact that a fashion shoot in a random Raleigh construction site was able to remind me of the joy and beauty in doing something outside of the norm.

Hair Extension Specialist

Hair Extension Specialist

Hair Extension Specialist

Hair Extension Specialist

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Candice Motley Hair Extension Specialist

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