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Confession, I’m a Goal Digger

Candice Motley Hair Extension Expert

Let’s do some Goal Setting

If you know me in real life or you follow this blog for longer than about five minutes, you’ll see an ongoing theme emerge. I talk a lot about goals. Setting goals, working towards goals, celebrating the achievement of goals…I’m all about ‘em and for good reason.

Goal Digging or Goal-setting, as it is traditionally called, is the foundation of my business. Learning how to set goals has completely changed my life. If you’re thinking to yourself that setting goals is easy, but figuring out how to reach them feels impossible—you are NOT alone.

Before I opened Garnish I started to establish what goals I wanted to achieve, but it was basically goal chaos. There was no organization or process in place for actually making progress towards meeting my goals.

I had no idea what path to take to get what I wanted. Thankfully, I discovered a salon coaching program called Inspiring Champions and it taught me how to organize my goals and how to prioritize in order to meet them. I also made the decision to start working alongside a business coach, and it was LIFE CHANGING.

Candice Motley Hair Extension Expert

Sometimes, especially for achievement-driven people, it’s difficult to accept that we need help and guidance. We don’t always want to admit that we can’t do something all on our own. Finding the right support, however, can lead to exponential growth that could never have been achieved alone.

“I already knew what goals I wanted to achieve—Inspiring Champions gave me the organization, and my coach gave me the accountability to make it happen.”

As I realized how impactful my business coach had been on Garnish and my life, I quickly became mentor-obsessed. So much so that it led me to find a whole new goal planning program… just by shopping at one of my favorite stores. I was browsing along in Lululemon and noticed they had a bunch of papers hung on the walls… I saw 5 year, 10 year plans and my eyes lit up. I asked one of the store employees about why they had goals hanging on the walls and what followed was an amazing conversation about the impact of goal-setting and how teaching that to their employees benefitted the business. Being a goal-oriented business means each employee has purpose and an unparalleled work ethic—because they’re working towards something they want. I brought the program back to Garnish and had everyone on my team go through the process.

Candice Motley Hair Extension Expert

It changed their worlds as much as it had changed mine and led to a stronger, more engaged and driven team. I began to take what I had learned, using my personal experience of what did and didn’t work, to create a goal-achieving tool of my own. With inspiration from Inspiring Champions and Lululemon, with a whole lot of Mot added in, I built a worksheet that will change your life, too.

My addiction to mentorship and growth has led me to want to help as many people as possible on the path to achieving their own dreams. Make no mistake, setting up your goals and filling out the paperwork is just the first preliminary step—it takes a TON of dedication and hustle to make it happen. But together, I think we can do it.

If you’re not already subscribed to my weekly blog updates, make sure you sign up to receive a copy of my goal-setting guide. Stay tuned for goal-setting part two where I share some personal testimonies from my team. I can’t wait to see what YOU can achieve!

Candice Motley Hair Extension Expert

Candice Motley Hair Extension Expert

Candice Motley Hair Extension Expert


Click here to download my FREE goal sheet! No better time to start than the present!



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Candice Motley Hair Extension Expert
Candice Motley Hair Extension Expert
Candice Motley Hair Extension Expert

Candice Motley

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