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It’s the middle of June, which means we’re almost to the halfway mark in the year. Each year, sometime in June, I like to do a “halfway” check-in on my goals for the year. Goals don’t have quite the same impact if you just write them down and then toss them away never to be looked at again.

I’ve found that when I re-connect with my initial goals, evaluate where I’m at, and change course if needed, my goals become even more effective. Sometimes, I’m right on track and just need to keep grinding. Other times I find that the goal I had set either needs to be adjusted, or I’ve gone in a different direction completely.

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This year when I sat down to look at my 2018 goals, I had a huge realization. My 2018 word of the year wasn’t going to make it all the way through. Why do I feel like “Mindset” as my word has pretty much expired? It has been such a laser focus for me for so long that I feel like I’m actually in a really good place with it. My focus on Mindset really began in 2017, and while I wanted it to be at the forefront of my mind throughout 2018, I didn’t anticipate it becoming so ingrained in my daily life that I wouldn’t need the “reminder” anymore.

When you embrace a Mindset shift entirely, it’s not something you can just let go of or unlearn, so while I still wholeheartedly believe in the importance of Mindset—I’m ready for a new word to help guide my goals for the second half of 2018.

I’ve decided my Word of the Year (take two) is going to be Sustainability. I’ve done a lot of reflection in the past couple of months (some of which I talked about in my birthday post), about where I want to be in the next five and ten years. This means adjusting what I’m doing right now to direct the course of my life into a place where it’s sustainable. The pace, flow, energy, etc. all need to be at a level that I can maintain for the long-term. Choosing Sustainability as my word for the next six months will help me continue to choose a path that will help me reach my five and ten year goals.

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The goals I set up at the beginning of the year always span a variety of topics from business goals to fitness goals to personal goals. I’m super excited that right this very moment I am crossing another 2018 goal off of my list as I am in Southbeach Miami for a girls weekend with some of my best friends. Being so passionate about my business, I’ve found that I often put the most energy into my career goals, sometimes skipping over “smaller” personal goals in the meantime. This year I was determined to put energy into my personal goals as well. If you want to keep up with my girls trip, you know you can find me on my insta-story.

Where are you at with your 2018 goals? Is there anything you need to readjust for the rest of the year? I’d love to hear about where you’re at. Drop a comment below and tell me how your goals are going!

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Tomorrow is the halfway point between two major milestones—I will officially be 35. I am halfway to 40 (from the last milestone anyway), and man is it an eye opener to realize. Birthdays can stir up a lot of feelings, both positive and negative, but as I roll on into my mid-thirties I’m actually feeling pretty good. It’s easy to feel apprehension about getting older, but I really believe that age is just a number, and what really matters is the experiences you’ve gathered that have led you to where you are.


I’m a big believer in the universe.

By that I mean that I definitely believe things happen for a reason, and that what you put out will come back to you in some way. Because of this, I am a firm believer in vision statements. I have used vision statements as a way to create what I’ve needed in my life, and every time they have each worked in their own way. When I first had Kingston, I sat down and wrote a vision statement for what I wanted in the person that would take care of my children while I worked.


Garnish Superlatives

I love my Garnish Framily!

Allow me a bit of a humble brag for a moment and let me tell you… my team is pretty fantastic. If you’ve been following the blog for a while you heard all about the Garnish “Framily” Friendsgiving at the beginning of November.

Friendsgiving kicked off our annual “grind time” and from then until the new year we worked our booties off. Because the holidays are so crazy, we hold our annual holiday dinner in January each year.


Hair Extension Specialist

What’s your MINDSET?

I know it’s not January anymore (is it really over halfway to March ?), but I still wanted to take some time to share with you all my 2018 Word of the Year. I’ve been choosing a word of the year for the past few years, and each time I’ve found it to give me clarity and focus throughout the year. Last year I chose the word “boundaries” and I found it to be an amazing and necessary focus in my life.


Meet My Valentine…

The Stats:
Name: Dustin aka Bae aka Byrd
Dating for: 5 years
Littles: Kingston (4) & Houston (3)
Career: Personal Stylist and Owner of Sharp & Timeless

How it all began…

A little over five years ago I was just living life… a work hard play hard hairstylist dedicated to improving my craft and travelling often. A friend told me I should meet this guy, and I wasn’t initially interested… Because I don’t care how attractive you are, no one gets between a girl and her career when she’s grinding as hard as I was. But still we became friends on social media, and, well, you know how it goes. I kept seeing his photo pop up and he seemed like such a nice guy so eventually we ended up going out on a date. Real talk… it was no hollywood firework moment.

Have you ever been on a date where it’s really nice, but like, almost too nice and you kind of wonder if there’s a real person beneath all the formal first dateness? Dustin opened doors and paid for dinner, but he was so smooth it left me wondering what kind of person was beneath that proper first impression. I wasn’t really sure it was going to be a thing, until we had a conversation one night that shifted everything.

We had been planning to go out, and Dustin said he really wanted to, but couldn’t because he needed to buy books for school… and it was just so humbling and endearing that I think I started to fall in love right then. I invited him to come over and chill, and it ended up being an amazing night. We talked and drank wine and watched Law and Order. (I like to joke that we fell in love over Law & Order). Underneath that layer of smooth was such a chill laid back personality that I found so refreshing. Pretty soon he was coming over almost every night just to spend time together.

First impression?
Everything about Dustin was different than anyone I had ever dated. He had this quiet, sexy, alluring humbleness that just vibed so well with my own personality. We had been dating for almost a year… when I found out I was pregnant with Kingston. We definitely had not planned to start a family—with Dustin finishing up school and me in the midst of opening my own business—but life happens that way, doesn’t it?

By chance, as a close friend of mine did my makeup for my maternity shoot, she told me she was in the process of trying to find someone to rent her house. Two weeks later Dustin and I moved in together. Before we could even settle into life with one new little, we found out I was pregnant with Houston.

Between a brand new business, a brand new baby, and being pregnant, life got to be a little bit (lotta bit) stressful, but it really made Dustin and I grow as a couple, come together and really begin to build our life together in a way that started to give me a stability I had never really known before.

Living a Life I Love

Five years, two littles, a degree and a thriving business later… and in just a couple of months we will be buying our first family home together. I can’t imagine life without Dustin or my littles. Life with two toddlers, and two creative businesses is certainly not easy, but it’s one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

We make it work by supporting one another’s goals, having a dedicated weekly date night, and bonding over some of our passions. Namely, Gucci shoes (aka our mutual love of fashion and trends). Even though falling in love and starting a family wasn’t even on my radar, the universe somehow knew even when I didn’t, that Dustin would be exactly what I needed. He and our family unknowingly brought a balance I didn’t know I was missing, and a sense of peace that I didn’t realize I was looking for. And now I wouldn’t want to go through life any other way.




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