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Even though it technically doesn’t begin for another week or so… I’m all in on Fall everything already.

Fall is my absolute favorite season and as soon as September hits—even though it still feels hot af, I’m convinced it’s time for Fall fashion. When I recently shot my monthly photos with Images by Amber Robinson, we wanted the theme to be Fall. Well, I packed up my big chunky sweaters, suede boots, felt hats, and all the layers and went downtown to stand outside in the sweltering heat and pretend that it’s already way cooler than it actually is. Ya girl was HOT. But it was worth it, because I absolutely can’t get enough of the fashion of Fall.

Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Wanna know my very favorite aspect of fall fashion? The layerssss. My internal heat index is high so I’m pretty much always hot. I love Fall the most because there’s a crispness in the air and it’s actually seasonably appropriate to wear different layers every day. For example on any given Fall day you might find me wearing a sheer bodysuit layered under a tank top layered under a Free People drape layered under a chunky sweater. It’s perfect for walking into work in the cooler morning air, but it’s just as perfect for de-layering as the day goes on.

By mid-afternoon I’m probably down to just the tank top as I’m sewing hair and moving around the salon. I know it really depends on where you live because Fall can be so variable based on location, but I feel like Fall is still one of those seasons where layering and mixing are expected. I love mixing different textures and patterns, which is amazing with layers. My fashion mindset is pretty much already set up for Fall so I find it so much easier to dress in this season.

Fall Fashion Trends 2019


Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Recently, I spent a day wandering through the mall checking out the upcoming trends and noticing what showed up in various places. One of the first trends I noticed was PATTERNS. Which you all know makes me super excited. There was a ton of leopard print, cheetah print, and just generally that cognac brown color with some kind of print on top of it. There were sneakers with dots on them and patterns on just about everything you could imagine. I love that cheetah print is at the top of the list, and I mayyy have gotten more than one cheetah print item.

The second trend I noticed is long skirts. And not just maxis either. Summer may have been all about a super long peasant dress, but I’m talking more like midi-length skirts and dresses. These aren’t the awkward just below the knee midi-lengths either. They’re a tighter knit, more form fitting style that hits at the perfect mid-calf spot. I’m also obsessed with the various textures these skirts are showing up in. Cotton knits, ribbing in the fabric, and other heavier textured fabrics are all in.

Next up is one of my all-time faves and I’m so happy to see it’s sticking around. It may not be dad shoes anymore (which I will continue to rock regardless), but the sneaker kick is still going strong. I saw tons of sneakers when I was scoping out the Fall fashion and they pair perfectly with so many looks. I especially noticed high tops are having a moment. Madewell came out with a line of dope ass high top and low top sneakers in cool prints, and beautiful colors and I’m pretty much obsessed.

Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Last on the list—my fall fashion wouldn’t be complete without something hair related. This season is going to be all about some hair accessories. I’ve been seeing a lot of scarves, headbands, and barrettes galore.

I’ve been shopping at Anthropolgie for a long time, and never have I seen their accessories table as extensive as I did this past weekend. Head scarves in all colors and patterns, the cutest head bands, and of course, we can’t forget one of my faves—felt hats as well. To read more about the fall hair trends, check out the Garnish blog that went up today! The studio shared our fave cut, style, and fashion trend of the season. And to keep up with my Fall fashion, make sure you’re following me on Instagram.

A few weeks ago I gave you all a sneak peek into our upcoming YouTube channel. Well, today is the day—we are officially launching the Garnish Extension Studio YouTube! In honor of our launch I wanted to give you all a little behind the scenes into the why and how it all came about along with a preview of our first series: Garnish Your Growth.

I have had broadcasting a YouTube channel on my “list” for years. My list is pretty much made up of tons of notes in my phone… 487 notes to be exact. Whenever I have a thought, need to remind myself of something, or have a creative spark I create a note in my phone. I recently went to the search bar and typed in YouTube to find everything I had noted, and out of all the notes I have written over the past several years, about 50 of them centered around YouTube. The topics spanned creatively brainstorming for YouTube, the name of my YouTube channel, creative concepts, pretty much all things related to the topic. And after having thought about it and worked towards it for so long, I am so proud to finally be launching our channel.

The last few months have been filled with finding a videographer, carving out time in my already busy schedule to have video shoots, and collaborating with my Lead Stylist, Niko, to create the videos topics. The last two years have held so much change in both of our careers and personal lives, making this the perfect time to create a space to talk all about change and growth. Our “Garnish Your Growth” series will be a place of transparency where we can share and put some of our challenges and own experiences out there. It will almost be like an online diary for people interested in listening who share the same pursuit of growth that we both do.

In the last year I have been asked to go against my natural thought process inside of NBR as I’ve begun to train and teach. I didn’t have that in mind when I started learning the method, but I just became so obsessed with the brand and method and mechanics behind it, that teaching came naturally. As my business has shifted, we’ve encountered growth related challenges, and I knew that it would be worth it to share them with others. I never would have thought that wanting to do better and offer exclusively extensions would’ve been such a difficult change, but I really had to face my own fears in order to do so.

Raleigh Hair Extensions

We’ve already recorded our first 8 episodes of the series and we hope you enjoy the sneak peek into our lives. Every episode will be super transparent and super real (which means lots of cussing). I felt this was the perfect time to launch this endeavor as it’s the perfect way to showcase what we do inside of my studio, but also what it took for us to get here. We are open to taking topics from viewers and would love to hear what you would like us to speak about in future episodes.

Garnish is the name of my studio, Growth is the name of my game. Head over to Garnish’s YouTube and subscribe so you don’t miss our very first Garnish Your Growth video. While you’re there make sure to subscribe to our channel to ensure you get notified when we put out new content!

It’s officially hit that weird transitional time between NC Summer heat and our typically very short lived fall.

It’s still kinda hot, it’s definitely still humid, but it’s started to get just a little cooler. And because we’re all SO ready for the transition to fall, we start to make our outfits just a little more fall-ish. I wanted to share my two favorite things to wear during this weather and season transition—essentially my September fashion go-tos.

NBR Hair Extensions

First up, All. The. Layers.
Layers account for cooler mornings and evenings with the still hot afternoons, and can also create a ton of different looks. I’m all about some layers all year long because I’m constantly over-heating. Wearing layers can accommodate for the actual weather outside while still allowing me to make myself cooler when I start to get hot flashes halfway through the afternoon.

NBR Hair Extensions

Next, we have my all-time fave way to take a summer outfit and make it look like fall. Just add a felt hat and some booties. Boom. Nothing about the outfit has changed, so it can be just as cool as before, but all of a sudden it looks like the change of season is about to occur. I love it.

When it comes to fashion, I try to put a lot of energy into my personal appearance because I’m interacting with guests all day every day and oftentimes it’s the first time I’m meeting someone. I believe your fashion choices reflect your eye for creativity, and I always want to represent that during first impressions.

NBR Hair Extensions

With my temperature challenges (aka always HOT), I need to put extra thought into every outfit to make sure it’s trendy, but still work appropriate. I hope you love my “September season” go-to styles, and would love to see you rocking them. If you wear either look, definitely tag me on insta so I can see your September fashion!

Hey Moms…

…we are having a virtual party over here on the blog today because guess what?? The kids are back in school! Can we all just agree that summertime as a mom is kind of a big giant hot mess? I remember as a kid how I absolutely could not wait for summer break and summer camps and no more school. But as a mom? I absolutely dread the end of the school year because it means an end to the routines that I love so much. Summer just doesn’t happen the same as a mom.

All summer long it’s running here and there, constant planning, trying to keep up with the ever changing needs of summer camp. There’s field trips and pool days and random Fridays off—honestly, why are there random Fridays off?? Summer camp just doesn’t have even half the routine that the school year does, which means I am all here for the school year beginning again.

It’s like a breath of fresh air. I don’t know if you all experience this, too, but I feel like as a mom I’m wound so tight during the Summer. It’s impossible to really relax when everything is so out of sync. Which is why I love returning to the familiarity and routine. It may bring more to the table like homework and such, but it really cools off and chills out all of the hot messiness that happens all summer.

And getting back to cool feels soo good. In fact, I’ve found that as the school year kicks off and moms start to catch their breath, it’s the perfect time for a little self-care and self-investment. I love every time a mom comes in to the salon at the end of the Summer just dying for some alone time and pampering and we’re able to give that to her.

If you’ve been following along on insta, you know I just changed things up with my own hairstyle. It felt like the perfect time as everything in life transitions back to school year steady. So fellow moms, as you settle back into your routine and start to cool off from the craze of Summer, give us a call. We’re ready and waiting to help you on your way back to feeling chill… as chill as mom life can ever be.

Calling All Creatives… Are You Ready to Garnish Your Growth?

It’s official—I’m crossing something off of my bucket list! For years I have wanted to start a YouTube channel, but as an artist who is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work, I knew if I was going to do it, I wanted to do it well. I wanted to have it be well thought out and have the layout and details just the way I wanted them.

I even considered doing a podcast instead, but I’m such a visual person myself that video and YouTube seemed like the way to go for me. So, I wanted to officially introduce you to one of the main focuses of my YouTube channel, a segment called “Garnish Your Growth.”

You all know I’m obsessed with personal growth and often speak on both personal and business growth on Instagram along with when I teach for BMS. Because of this, I’ve cultivated a variety of topics I like to share or speak on, and am looking forward to doing so even more through this new video avenue. Each Garnish Your Growth video will be a 10 to 15 minute conversation between myself and my lead stylist, Niko. We talk about hard topics, funny topics, pretty much anything that pertains to growth.

Topics you can look out for are how to build a squad and hire the right team, how to do hard shit like transitioning a business and all the maneuvering that that requires, and many more.

I want to stress that you do not need to be a creative or in the beauty industry in order to connect with and appreciate these videos. My purpose in creating them is to speak about tough shit that not everyone likes to talk about, but so many business owners go through. The best part is that there’s no offer on the other side, there’s no gimmick—it’s just Niko and myself offering transparency in a very vulnerable way. In my experience, when going through one of those tough circumstance, the only way to get through it is to talk about it in a productive way.

It’s my hope that me sharing my story will resonate with other people who have gone through or are currently experiencing a similar situation.

I can’t wait to share the upcoming launch with you all in the next few weeks. Stay tuned on my social media channels for the most up-to-date information on what we’re sharing when!

Recently, I had a conversation with a guest that really got me thinking about the beauty industry, and how much it has changed over the last decade. Everything from eyebrows, to lashes, to hair extensions has completely evolved to look more natural and provide an even better result. The technology of pretty much everything—from healthier hair color to more effective lash glue to the science of botox and fillers… it’s incredible to think about how much has changed and how significantly.

Ten years ago, it was tattooed everything. Whether makeup or eyebrows, tattooing was pretty much the only option. Cosmetic artistry has made huge advancements even in the last few years. Now, you can have your brows powdered, ombred or microbladed, and they look so much better (and not at all like tattoos.) The world of lash extensions has also advanced in so many ways. They used to be just strip lashes or clusters that would take forever and cost $400, and now we have all kinds of choices. Mink lashes, different lengths, different curves, and options like Amazing Lash.

Medical advancements inside of the industry have also taken a huge leap up. Botox and fillers used to just be for wrinkles, and now they are being used to contour, create jaw lines, and even enhance booties. Everything from lasers to medispas has changed and improved. Even the options for plastic surgery have gotten so much better than years ago.

The hair industry has evolved in much the same way. Both hair color and lightener have improved in how they affect the health of the hair, and in the results we are able to achieve with them. And having specialized in extensions for the past decade, I can tell you firsthand just how much they have changed. What used to be hand rolling fusion hair extensions that did the job but weren’t the prettiest, has now become full, seamless hand-tied hair extensions. Hand-tied hair also comes in more colors and textures, and can be worn in pretty much any style. Gone are the days of low ponies being the only possible way to tie back your hair extensions. Now we can wear top knots, pigtails, big fluffy braids, and no one is the wiser.


The evolution of technology is so inspiring to be a part of within the beauty industry. Even looking back on hair transformations I loved years ago, I can see how much different that guest would look with today’s hair extensions. Having NBR hand-tied hair extensions as an option for my guests is life-changing. Everything today looks so much more natural, which is always the goal. I can’t wait to see how the industry continues to evolve and grow, as technology continues to improve with time.


Microblading by @ivey_artistry
What’s your favorite aspect of the industry that has changed? Brows, lashes, botox?

Drop a comment below and let me know!

I’ve shared with you all before about the transition of my business from Garnish Hair Studio to Garnish Extension Studio, and talked a little bit about the why. Recently, Niko and I sat down with a videographer to chat about the transition of Garnish and really dive deep into the behind the scenes of every facet. We told ALLL the dirty deets. We shared about the very first conversations when I made the decision to transition to extensions only. I shared my thought process, the steps we took, and how it all went down. Niko shared about her decision to leave… and then how it evolved into her decision to stay.

It was honesty hour all around!

I wanted to take some time to be completely open and transparent about the process and that includes all of the doubt and uncertainty that I experienced, the intense training involved, and ultimately how the evolution took place. At the end of the day, it was my faith in the process, and trust in my vision that led me through the experience, but man, was it challenging. Despite the challenges, beginning in January, Garnish officially became my dream salon—exclusively catering to extension guests. With that came a lot of changes, including our entire process, the way we think about hair (from an extensions mindset), and the focus of all of our training.

As Niko and I shared our sides of the story, and I talked about what an impact she has had on my business, I even got a little emotional. When you have someone who believes wholeheartedly in your vision and comes along with you for the ride no matter what—it’s an incredible feeling. Talking about Niko’s role in Garnish led me to sharing her growth as a stylist evolving into our Lead Stylist and Floor Manager and sometimes Academy Trainer as well. It also gave me the opportunity to share her part in allowing me to really go full force into MY new role as NBR platform artist and BMS Trainer. Having Niko as a leader in my space has given me the freedom to pour into these new opportunities, including flying out to California for training as needed.

NBR Hair Extensions Garnish Studio

I would love to invite you to watch our video, hear our story, and get to know the new Garnish. I am so grateful to the women who entrust my studio with their extensions transformation experience, and we wouldn’t exist as an extension-exclusive salon without each and every one of our guests. Everything it took to get here may have brought difficulty and sometimes painful growth, but where we are now is so beautiful to be a part of that it was far and beyond worth the entire experience. I can’t wait to continue to share my studio’s growth with all of you.

Thank you for being a part of the journey.

We all remember the days… when Summer was full of drinking, spontaneous fun, traveling, and just having a good time. It was all care-free and sunshine. Summer as a mom is a completely different story. Summer camp, lack of routine, no school—Summer is now all about regulation and responsibility.

First of all, in order to be prepared for Summer, you have to get started way back in January. Who knew you had to register for summer camp 6 months before the actual camp happens?? Deciding on camps, and how long they are in each camp, etc, it all takes a lot of coordination. Speaking of coordination… when the littles are out of school and work and travel doesn’t slow down, the co-parenting suddenly becomes way more complex. Communication, scheduling details, and flexibility all become super important. I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately, and it’s required a lot of adulting to make sure everything is situated and taken care of while I’m away.

Summer NBR Hair Extensions

Summer NBR Hair Extensions

Also a part of the summertime shuffle… can we have a moment for all of the meltdowns that come from being out of normal routine? Summer is full of getting ready earlier or later, going to bed earlier or later, camp being different from school, etc. The Summer schedule looks nothing like the school year schedule, and it brings a lot of emotions with it. Even as adults, having a routine is super important. It helps us maintain habits and just generally feel good. It works for the same for kids, and I know mine function best when we have a routine in place.

Adjusting to summer-as-a-mom, and a working, business-owning mom at that, can be a little overwhelming. So many shifts happen when you become a parent, and things never really stop shifting. Kingston is about to start kindergarten in a few weeks and I’m sure it will bring plenty of its own new adjustments and learning curves. Moms, I would love to hear from you. How do you manage the ups and downs of Summer? What do you do to stick to a routine throughout the summer months? Let me know in the comments below!

If you live in North Carolina you know that the heat is real right now. Whenever it’s this hot in the Summer I have a few go-to looks that I wear pretty much all the time. They are all the perfect mix of chic and casual, and all accommodate for the melty temperatures outside.

Summer Swag

First up is summer dresses. I can’t get enough of a flowy dress in the summertime. Whether it’s short or long, it’s always lightweight, flowy, and I pretty much always pair it with sneaks. I opt for flowy because with heat comes sweat and lightweight dresses are one of the coolest clothing options available.

Summer Swag

Next up—this year I have been all about a super lightweight kimono paired with denim shorts. It’s casual and chill, but the kimono dresses it up and is a perfect way to look fashionable while feeling super comfy. I wear sneaks with this look a lot, too—pretty much all summer as I’m on the go constantly.

Summer Swag

My next latest obsession is athleisure wear. Anthropologie recently had a sale on their entire athleisure collection and I fell in love. They have longline sports bras that come down further which makes them perfect for wearing under lightweight flowy tanks, tees, and summer sweaters (for inside when the ac is too much), or as just a top with your fave leggings. Anthro also has lightweight sweatpants made just for summertime. I love these looks on my days off when I’m with my kids or running around doing all the things.
No matter what I’m wearing, my summer hair is all about how I can tie it up and what accessories I can use to dress it up.

I love a hairband and pony combo, a top knot and scarf, or a big summer braid. Thankfully, my NBR extensions can be worn in any style, which makes it super easy in the summer.

Essentially, Summer is all about comfort. Easy, breezy clothes, hair up off your neck, and casual everything. Check out my favorite athleisure pieces at What’s your go-to Summer pieces?
Let me know in the comments below!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet someone who is a huge influence within the hair industry. If you’ve never heard of Chris Appleton, you’ve definitely seen his work. He works with everyone from the Kardashians to Rita Ora to JLo to Katy Perry.

He’s created signature looks that have become celebrity staples—like the 35” ponytail, the glass hair trend, and he’s known for his hair extensions looks. You may know Garnish’s numbers guru, Sahar, but what you may not know is that she is also hair obsessed and loves everything about the industry. When she found this event, we decided to venture up to DC together to attend.

The event combined education with styling demonstrations by Chris, him sharing his story within the industry, and then a VIP after party, which you know we definitely attended. During the education portion he talked to us about the styles he had created, and showed us some different signature looks.

My favorite part, however, was when he started sharing his story about how he came to be the influence he is today. He was living in the UK, but knew in order to achieve the goals he had set for himself that he really needed to be in LA. So without a contract or anything, he moved to LA on a whim. He talked about how everything about living here was different, but he just knew he needed to be here. This whole story resonated with the same things I talk about all the time—faith over fear and taking risks when you see your vision even if no one else does.

He also shared about how important resilience is, particularly in an ever-changing, highly competitive industry such as ours. This also struck a chord with how much change my business has gone through over the past couple of years. This idea of staying true to your vision, and being able to roll with the punches. He emphasized how important that is as you become more successful as well. It’s that do whatever it takes to make it happen mindset that I love so much.

Listening to Chris’s journey in the industry and some of the advice he offered allowed me to reflect on my own journey and how Garnish has evolved. I love that we share the same mentality towards vision and growth, and it’s always refreshing to hear someone who’s made it give the same advice that I share with my team and BMS students all the time.

I’m a huge believer in continuing to connect with other visionaries within the industry, and as you all know, I’m all about some continuing education. And of course, it’s always better when attending with bae.


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