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That weird word that somehow worked its way into the common vernacular despite not being a real word just a little while ago. We most commonly talk about adulting when we’re complaining about “grown up things” we don’t know how to do… even though most of us complaining are (and have been) grown ups for a long time. Recently, I had a conversation with my best friend about how we both sort of accidentally fell sideways into adulting.

Let’s just put it out there—Adulting is HARD. Particularly for young adults trying to figure things out on their own. I’ve come to realize that adulting is a skillset acquired over time, and sometimes you’re forced to speed-learn some of the involved skills.

Once upon a time I was fancy footloose and free, living life day by day… and then all of a sudden life snuck up and slapped me in the face. Before I could blink I had a boyfriend, a business, and 2 kids. I had to get creative, because I wasn’t ready for everything that had tumbled into my life so suddenly. Adulting is not an easy skillset, and it’s much more than any one thing. I realized that I had to figure it out—and fast. It took a little time, but I came to realize that essentially, adulting is putting your life together in a way that makes sense and feels balanced.

That’s it.

It looks different for everyone, because balance feels different to everyone. As my responsibilities have increased, I have struggled through the feeling of never being caught up—and some days I think we never REALLY feel caught up with life—but I’ve forced myself to find some ways to get to that balance. I’ve talked to you guys before about carving out Raleigh Durham Hair Extension SpecialistWhite Space, and how I’ve made my “days off” work for me.

If you follow my Insta you’ll also see how I’ve dedicated Sundays as family day, and Tuesdays as the day I work on my business—not behind the chair. I have figured out a schedule that lends itself to a more balanced life.

If my 22 year old self had all of the responsibilities that I had now, she would be S.T.R.U.G.G.L.I.N.G.

Dramatic, maybe, but also probably true. I was completely ill-equipped for most “adult” things. Life taking over like it did in the past several years may have been uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful, as I was forced through adulting growth spurts and loaded down with new responsibility, but I came out on the other side with so much more confidence and clarity than I ever had before.

Raleigh Hair Extension Specialist

Raleigh Hair Extension Specialist

Now that I have made it through the messy part of figuring out adulting I’ve found that it’s never really “enough.” As soon as I start to get it together I find myself doing a little bit more. Whether it’s opening a business or focusing on my savings account, or having to buy a new car—there’s always a new level of responsibility being added into the mix. Each new challenge forces me to level up on my adulting abilities and figure out something new.

What is your adulting strategy?

I want to hear it. Like most things, I think the more we can learn from one another, and the better we can help each other grow, the more successful we will all become. Adulting is definitely one of those things that we could all always use a little extra help with, don’t you think?

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