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35, Here I Come!

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Tomorrow is the halfway point between two major milestones—I will officially be 35. I am halfway to 40 (from the last milestone anyway), and man is it an eye opener to realize. Birthdays can stir up a lot of feelings, both positive and negative, but as I roll on into my mid-thirties I’m actually feeling pretty good. It’s easy to feel apprehension about getting older, but I really believe that age is just a number, and what really matters is the experiences you’ve gathered that have led you to where you are.

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You all know that I’m a growth junkie—constantly striving to learn more and do more—which pretty much means my life is forever full of change. And change can be pretty damn uncomfortable sometimes. But at 35, I finally feel like I’ve reached a point where the gritty messy uncertainty that comes with change isn’t quite so nerve-wracking as it used to be. It’s taken a huge amount of learning and fighting through the challenges to get there, but now I think of it like the discomfort of sore muscles after a work out—it doesn’t feel great in the process, but when it’s done you feel amazing for getting through the tough stuff.

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It’s also taken thirty-five years for me to realize that it’s okay to let go of what no longer grows you, and it’s okay to move forward even if you’re relatively comfortable sitting where you are. Recently I’ve been asking myself one question in regards to everything in my life or every new thing that I encounter. “How does this serve me?” And I’m learning to accept and be okay with the answer no matter what it might be, and then to accept and be okay with whatever comes from that answer as well. This has helped me truly focus on what matters most to me, and allows me to really pour my energy into those specific things.

I mentioned earlier that I’m halfway between 30 and 40, and it’s really made me pause to consider where I’m at and, more importantly, where I’m going. I’ve been asking myself if I’m on the right track and if what I’m doing now is setting myself up for where I want to be five years from now (and beyond). Even though I’ve technically been an “adult” for quite some time, I’m sure some of you can relate to still not really feeling like what we thought adulthood would be. Thirty-five feels like the beginning of super adulting. Like finally really adulting.

The decisions that I make in this year, and the changes that will inevitably happen as the year goes by will be what sets me up for success when I finally reach that next milestone. I feel so strongly that I’ve reached a point where I am setting myself up to be the absolute best that I can be.

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And because birthdays aren’t birthdays without a bit of treat ya self, I just HAD to share with you all my birthday gift to myself. You all know I’m obsessed with my cream colored bumblebee bag… well, introducing Bumblebee 2.0—the tiny Gucci backpack that gave me heart eyes, complete with its own bumblebee. Oh, and with a little bit of fresh balayage from Christine Woods, I am SO ready to take on this 35th year!

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