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Bae-cation in Georgetown

Candice Motley Bae-cation

Recently Dustin and I had the opportunity to get away on an amazing impromptu shopping trip. One of my best friends was trying to find the perfect formal gown for her brother’s upcoming wedding, and was sick of the lack of options in Raleigh.

For anyone that has ever been on the hunt here in the 919…I’m sure you can relate. Blah!
After lining up our childcare (yayyyy grandmas!!) we were off. I can’t say in words how much these little get always help Dustin and I to stay connected. A little about my Bae:  he’s the other half of the Motley-Byrd crew, and an extremely dedicated father, and stylist.

Dustin has been changing the game of men’s fashion for quite some time, and continues to help his clients find tailored or casual options that fit their lifestyle and help them to present their best selves. Check out Sharp + Timeless here, needless to say, he was thee best person to have on this dress witch hunt.

Because we both have a love affair with fashion, currents trends, and pushing the wardrobe limits, this trip really helped us to align our passions and reconnect. Since having the kids back to back 3 years ago, we have made it a priority to connect in as many ways as we possibly can. We spent the next 2 days enjoying being spontaneous (what’s that again says a mom of toddlers?!😅), shopping, laughing, and eating Georgetown cupcakes with my girlfriend and her husband.

And finally, after 4 months, on the last day of our trip, the sun shined down on us, and the sea parted as my friend found her perfect dress. Whew.. relief. (I’ll have pictures of us debuting our ensembles next month after the wedding🙌)

I didn’t always see the importance of things like weekend get aways, and impromptu date nights, until I looked up and hadn’t been out for 6 months. Now I take the time to schedule in where I want to go, with whom, and when for my entire year. I swear it might sound crazy, but I encourage you to try it. Pick a date, and plan it out. I guarantee that by the time it arrives, you’ll be so glad you did.

Check out more of our amazing finds! 😍

FYI: I stumbled into the MOST AMAZING store in Georgetown called & Other Stories. It had a smooth and modern vibe filled with succulents, natural wood fixtures (for those that have been into my salon you know this screams my name), and on trend pieces at great prices. I’m now currently obsessed and will be stalking them from here on out. I invite you to join me in my efforts so I’m not alone lol

Here are some snaps from our trip!

Candice Motley

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